08 August, 2007


Straaatch, a French Dj/Producer from Marseille (real name Fabrice Delcambre) recently sent me over some of his bouncin' tracks, sure to get any dancefloor.. ermm.. dancin', haha anyway here's a little about himself in his own words:

"My various and varied influences take root in the heart of the hip hop, and the various ramifications go and carress the electronic gimmicks of the French and other touches. A foot in the rave party, but always turned towards the new current electronic landscape, my music is groovy, a little "cheesy", but always effective on a dance floor. I rejected for a long time the "all numeric", I used, synthetizers and others grooveboxs, I passed to computerized music, which really boosted up my productions."

Straaatch's MySpace

He also organises little event's and runs a radio show on a student radio with a little group of friends, they call themselves 'Electrochoc' check out their MySpace for more details.

Now for the music...

StrAAAtcH - Sweet & Dirty (zShare)
StrAAAtcH - All Roaaad Finition (zShare)
StrAAAtcH - Crazy Creak (zShare)


djempirical said...

veeery nice... this is gonna kill on the dance floor.

Anonymous said...

HEY!!! "la classe"!! now Straaatch will be known over the world.

thanks for all nelly :)

Anonymous said...

Electrochoc is the dirrrty south, Electrochoc is the filthy future.