13 May, 2009

Disturbed Beats 010 - Mixed by Nelly

Up to 010 in the mix series so I thought i'd give it another shot, finished this at the end of last month but just had time to get it uploaded. Full of my favourite tracks at the minute and 1 of my favourites full stop. Solid Groove & Sinden's remix of Mature Macho Machine by Radioclit, i'll never grow tired of them old dave taylor noises! Hope you enjoy :)

Disturbed Beats 010 - Mixed by Nelly (Mediafire) *NEW LINK*
001. Solo - The Big Stef
002. Radioclit - Mature Macho Machine (Solid Groove & Sinden Remix)
003. Designer Drugs - Back Up In This (Nadastrom Remix)
004. Acid Kids - Madmahoney (Trevor Loveys Remix)
005. Rennaisance Man - Spraycan (Sharkslayer's 'Respect To Nassau' Mix)
006. Tommy Sparks - She's Got Me Dancing (Mowgli Dub Remix)
007. Proxy - Raven (Crookers Mix)
008. Kissy Sell Out - This Kiss (Jack Beats Remix)
009. Bass Kleph & Stellar MC - $pend My Money (Stupid Fresh 'Instrumental' Remix)
010. Jaimie Fanatic - Suckaz They Don't Know
011. Aquasky - Knock You Out (Andy George Remix)
012. Man Like Me - London Town (Foamo Vocal Remix)
013. Detoi & Foamo - Girls Demo Go
014. Mustard Pimp - Oh La La Satan (Jay Robinson Remix)
015. Kelevra feat. Kop Out - Love You So (Mightyfools Remix)
016. Knuckles - Loading

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Anonymous said...

bout time you did another one big hansom hunkatron with massive ding dong!! xxx