21 February, 2008

What a weekend!!

I'm finally in a state to post again after a mad weekend in glasgow, first of all we had a mental night on saturday, thanks to Phra for letting us all party with him and his missus while he rocked the arches!! (pics and video's will be up soon) then later that night/morning my best mate was in hospital after a heavy sesh (light weight) turned out to be a virul infection... well anyway i'm back now and my mail box was full up. Here's the pick of the bunch:

I know I posted this track in the last post but here's Yeah! Woho!'s take on Larry Tee's latest "I Love U", and I think you'll find it's another top remix from the swedish duo.

Larry Tee - I Love U (Yeah! Woho! Remix) (zShare)

Also for more Yeah! Woho! remixes check out their myspace page.

TJR has an EP coming out on Lee Mortimer's Wearhouse Music label in March and he's dropped off a mix to help promote it. The EP is called "Bass is the Place" and will feature the tracks "Sonic Chronic", "Atomic" and "Mind Altering" plus a Lee Mortimer remix of "Sonic Chronic".

Mix Description: Newest mix by TJR jam packed with the latest wobble/fidget/funky/quarky bangers. It’s pretty much a full throttle mix from the get go with a few spots to catch your breath or buzz in this case ;). Always some skratching thrown in to keep things movin, so download and bump it where ever you can.

TJR - Catch A Buzz Mix (zShare)

Now I don't have much info on this track apart from it's from a young Australian producer by the name "Daz The Dominant" and if this doesn't get you moving then nothing will! Go check out his myspace for free downloads of his production work, alot more jacking bits and pieces up there. Looking forward to hearing more from this lad in the future!

Daz The Dominant - Yo Vio! (zShare)

Pulling Teeth emailed over their latest track at the weekend, if you don't know anything about them here it is in their own words :) i'm getting lazy by this point as you can tell.

We (Pulling Teeth) are DJ duo started in the summer of 2006. We've been djing a lot since then, all around milan at our own parties, or at other events, but also london, frankfurt and around the north of italy.

During the last 2 years we've seen projects like Congorock, Crookers and Bloody Beetroots grew up and i guess we grew up as well, even if we were very concentrated on the back to back djsets.

Our Dj style is a mix of hardcore heavy stumpers and electro giant distortions all fucked up with fidget bass monsters and handclappings.

After 2 years of distortion disco we needed to express ourselves through our own songs, even if we didn't know how the fuck a multitracker worked, but we kinda managed to learn and this is the result.

We've been singing the vocals you hear, i mean it, that's our voice, for real..... ;)
Anyways, the song is called NEW ERA, hope you like it.

Pulling Teeth - New Era (zShare)

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