03 February, 2009

The Bulgarian's Feb Feta Fix

Looks like the Bulgarian has been a very busy B in the studio, he's sent over this 4 deck, 36 track mix which he says is to promote the release of Crazy Dog Biscuit feat. Spoek on his new label Feta (available here) and also to promote his South African tour which starts this week. I've decided to post it for them reasons but the main reason is because I think the Bulgarian is a shit hot producer and can't believe how many tracks he's been hiding from me, check out all the goodness oozing from this mix!

The Bulgarian - February Feta Fix (zShare)

01) Monophonique - Hear Me (The Bulgarian Remix) - In Vitro CDR
02) The Bulgarian - Midnight Light - CDR
03) Analogue - Crystal Gypsy (The Bulgarian Remix) - Second Session CDR
04) Bird Peterson - Pete Goes Off - Aaahh! Real Monsters
05) Thomas Schumacher - Picanha - Get Digital
06) Pase Rock - Get Money kids (Nacho Lovers Walk Remix)
07) Dj Dan - Annihilated (Dopamine Peak Time Remix) - In Stereo
08) Tom Real - Loud and Clear - Passenger
09) The Bulgarian - Bark of The Demon Dog - Aaahh! Real Monsters CDR
10) The Bulgarian - Jack It Like A Zombie (Adam Bozzetto Remix) - PMM CDR
11) The Bulgarian - Six War - CDR
12) Colette - Running Around (Santiago & Bushido Remix) - Om
13) Rico Tubbs - Lumberjack (The Bulgarian Remix) - A New Hope CDR
14) The Bulgarian - Mooov Your Body - Monkey Beats CDR
15) The Bulgarian - This Is How (KiNK Remix) - Erase
16) The Bulgarian - Don't Stop The Bomb - CDR
17) Dj Alex Kidd - Rockin Down (Dirty Remix) - Dynamic Musik
18) Solo - Afreaka - Deadfish
19) Wasabi ft Rochelle - Dirty Disco Lovr (The Bulgarian Remix) - Erase
20) HiJack & Finch - Check This - Jack Union
21) Solo - Midgets in Bricklane - Deadfish
22) Will Bailey - Dutty Clem (The Bulgarian Remix) - Simma CDR
23) Tom EQ - Off Limits - Jack Union
24) Santiago & Bushido - Second Nature - Potty Mouth
25) The Streets - Get Out of My House (Chew Fu Re-fix) - CDR
26) Tom EQ - Skewer (Kyle Watson Remix) - Jack Knife
27) The Bulgarian ft. Spoek - Crazy Dog Biscuit - Feta
28) Wonk - Nasty Dog (The Bulgarian Remix) - Destination? CDR
29) The Bulgarian ft Oh Snap! - Check to Check Millionaire - Complot Promo
30) Affie Yussef & Trevor Loveys - Insects - Tragic Magic
31) Steve Smooth & JJ Flores ft Colette - Stay (John Dahlback Remix) - Ultra
32) Bass Weazal - Break The Bomb (Respect to Kenny Dope Remix) - CDR
33) His Majesty Andre - Peep Thong - Cheaper Thrills
34) Prince - Controversy (Stupid Fresh RMX) - CDR
35) Huun-Huur-Tu & Bulgarian Women's Choir - Deep In The Heart of Tuva
36) Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence (Chew Fu Re-Fix) - CDR


Anonymous said...

IVE never heard so much shite come out of my speakers in an hour sorry to say but that wont get u bookings really.

I wont go on about it but i cud if i wanted just BAD ;(

Nelly said...

bit harsh that mate, shame you've commented under anonymous.

each to their own i suppose.. what does everyone else think?

yei said...

i love this mix of the bulgarian, but theres is something sad, but truth... i been reading ur blog since u started it, and i feel it has been going down in the quality of your posts, it seems like your post is more about your "friends" than the quality by itself, sorry mate but this is how it seems to me.

Anonymous said...

yeah yeah, I'm loving this...!!!

Nelly said...

fair 1 yei, in my defence i've had no time lately with organising the night, work and everything else to check through all the emails i get (i'm doing this on my own btw) but "friends", they are just better known producers/djs. but i'll take that on board and will keep it in mind for the future once i get a bit of time :)

...does anyone actually "read" my posts?

bountybea said...

loved this mix bud...the bulgarian always gets the thumbs up from me...i read the posts dude and cant say ive noticed a drop in anything, its still the same cool arse blog it always was. i say keep it up

Anonymous said...

how the hell can i get all of them tracks haha.
Sounds sickk mate

Nelly said...

thanks for the support bountybea.

a few of the tracks in the mix are already released, and others will be getting a release soon hopefully

Diddi said...

Hi nelly sorry mate but to think when mix cds go out that its really good to cram 30+ tracks in when it sounds so harsh aswel out of keys etc etc need i go on i no the kids out there dont give a fuck anymore which is why the music scene is crap and to my ears and a few others i might add its crap. I have listened to bass weazal mixs for example now thats good to my ears i like to listen to my tracks and not just a 1min drop and then next, plus at 1hr he made a right mess with the drop so loud and he still put it out there.

Anonymous said...

Nice mix! Begin is a little bit to messy but after a while the nice parts begin!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Nelly. I still watch you :O haha

This was experimental though. I like it.. Good beats.. very bulgarian ;)


THE CRITIC !!!!!! said...

Where do i start.............

how about, "what a load of SHIT"

Fidget is a load of bollock's,
Can't wait for it disappear (and it will i might add) , what a disgraceful mix , please don't try and entertain the idea your DJ anymore , your a disgrace !!!!!

GET OUT........!!

Nelly said...

mate if you don't like fidget why did you take the time to download and then listen to it?

and why are you even on here if you don't like fidget? why not go spend your time somewhere else, fuck off!

THE CRITIC !!!!!! said...

How long you been djing ???

Nelly said...

are you asking me? this isn't even my mix mate, i've been djing about 8 years

Nelly said...

so what music do u actually like critic? boring minimal? prog?

THE CRITIC !!!!!! said...

"Quality house music" And fidget isn't music my friend !

THE CRITIC !!!!!! said...

The mix was awful , people who say otherwise haven't got a clue !!!

Nelly said...

go and listen to some of your quality house music elsewhere then mate and stop being an arse on here

Anonymous said...

Wow seems like some backlash after the initial excitement of fidget. I must admit I have moved on and been fairly disillusioned as to the direction of Herve who showed a lot of promise in his early days on Dubsided along others originals of the scene. The fidget sound has evolved into something I personally dont like anymore. Too hype-y, obvious and harshly produced. It started out more subtle I think. Only Oliver $ and Riva Starr I like now who are more subtle and on the periphery. Also Riva puts a lot of effort into mix quality. Peace tho - this is a good blog Nelly cheers.

k:) said...

Nelly, this is a frigging awesome BLOG so don't listen to "the critic"!
He doesn't know what hes talking about!