17 February, 2009

Steve Gerard

... no not the Liverpool midfielder (why would I write anything about him, I support United!) but an American producer who's sent over a nice collection, my personal favourite is Mario March.

Steve Gerard - B.I.G. (Original Mix) (Idiothouse Recordings) (Mediafire) (zShare)

Steve Gerard - Mario March (Original Mix) (Unsigned) (Mediafire) (zShare)

Tits n' Clits - Attack of the Living Dead (Steve Gerard's 'Happy Go Fucky' Remix) (Sick Recordings) (Mediafire) (zShare)

Steve Gerard feat. Martin Luther King Junior - A New Hope (Direct Drive Digital) (Mediafire) (zShare)

Steve also goes by the name Cletus Billingsley and has an album in the works for Idiothouse of all videogame theme remixes so keep an eye out for that.

Funkwerkstat - Windrose (Cletus Billingsley's 'Short Dick Electro' Remake) (Mediafire) (zShare)

Cletus Billingsley - Phonograph Phunk (Original 'LSD Induced' Mix) (Mediafire) (zShare)

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Anonymous said...

i love the LSD INDUCED mix!