24 February, 2009

Foamo Mix & Interview

Taking up an exclusive new residency at Chew the Fat! this month, Foamo dropped them this near perfect DJ mix of electro, house, dubstep and bassline bangers to download. A non-stop ride through all that’s hot in clubland right now, it’s small wonder he’s had heavy support from Radio One’s Kissy Sell Out and Lee Mortimer. Foamo also took some time out of his studio to answer more of CTF's banal questions, although however hard they pleaded he wouldn’t tell them his favourite kind of music.

Foamo Mix (Right click, save)

01. Intro
02. Diplo vs Young MC - Samirs Get Up (Udachi mashup)
03. Kidda - Feel too good (Jack Beats remix)
04. Bird Peterson - Big Weapon Anthem
05. Buraka Som Sistema - Sound of Kuduro (Drop The Lime remix)
06. Bass Weazal vs Foamo - Wrist is Killing
07. Jack Beats - What (Foamo remix)
08. Curses! - The Deep End (Bart B More remix)
09. Futureheads - I wouldnt be like this (Andy George remix)
10. Drop The Lime - Hear Me (AC Slater remix)
11. Cagedbaby - Forced (Foamo remix)
12. Dance Area - AA 24 7 (Diplo remix)
13. Project Bassline - Drop The Pressure (The Count remix)
14. Lee Mortimer - Champion Sound
15. Audiobullies - Dope Fiend (Udachi & Tommie Sunshine remix)
16. Switch - This is sick (Herve reshuffle)
17. Foamo - Wardance
18. Foreign Beggars, DJ Primecuts - Hit That Gash (Itchy Naaan Re-Rub)
19. Foamo - Rockerman (acapella)
20. TC - Wheres my money (Jack Beats Edit)
21. Mikix The Cat - You mad
22. High Powered Boys - Hoed Get Down
23. Daniel Papini - Church Of Nonsense
24. Gant Man - Juke Dat Girl from Tha Back (Foamo re-edit)
25. Format:B - Edding 850
26. Rochelle - Chin Up (Andy George unfinished remix)
27. Mystery Jets - Half in Love with Elizabeth (Foamo instrumental remix)
28. Skream - Dutch flowers

Only 21, Foamo won over Radio One’s taste-makers from his very first release, Moving It Over Here. Fidget supremo Lee Mortimer announced Foamo’s release the biggest one his label, Wearhouse, had last year and he’s recently teamed up to work with another rising star, Det Boi. Even better, he’s now exclusive monthly resident for Chew the Fat!. Not bad for a boy from High Wycombe.


Q: You’ve had support from some very high place from the off. Are you surprised at how quickly everything has happened? We notice Kissy Sell Out is now your top Myspace friend!

Foamo: Yeah, it’s wicked that so many big DJs are willing to listen to so much new and unheard music. I know how hard it is to have time to listen to all the stuff you get sent! I think that’s what really helped me the most. When a DJ plays one of your tracks on a radio show, Essential Mix or whatever, it really gets you heard, especially when you have DJs on Radio One and that picking up on your stuff.

Q: What’s next on the Foamo release front?

Foamo: I got a few original bits that I’m always working on as side projects, always playing about experimenting stuff and trying to develop sounds. Some of that stuff might be coming out soon. I’m also snowed under with remixes to work on at the moment, Cagedbaby, Man Like Me, Franz Ferdinand, Kid Bass featuring Sincere, Kissy Sell Out and far too many more!

Q: Tell us a bit about your Detboi collaboration? Are there anymore in the pipe-line? What with the Machines Don’t Care project, it seems that DJ/producer super-groups are the new way forward. Who would you most like to work with?

Foamo: Yeah I really enjoy doing the collabs with Detboi, I think they work well as we have a fairly similar way of thinking. We’re both really laid back too and don’t mind taking our time. He’s always got some really fresh ideas too. We’ve just started working on new stuff together actually, just on the side in-between stuff as we’re both always busy with other stuff especially as he’s working a lot on the Machines Don’t Care 2 project now, so it’ll probably be a while before we get time to finish the new stuff!

Q: I’ve heard you’ve been on the net telling people how you made your tracks – is that true? Do you think it’s important to help encourage new producers?

Foamo: It’s not true but I'm always up for giving advice to people new to production as I know how it feels to struggle with it. I sort of taught myself over the years, never done any courses or anything, so online tutorials, forums etc. really help to get you learning. Producers should always take any advice with a pinch of salt though. One thing I’ve learnt over the years, especially after working with others, is that everyone has a completely different way of making music… There’s no right or wrong way at all.

Q: You’re only 21 with the world at your feet. Where would you like to see yourself in five years time?

Foamo: Doing something similar to this!

Q: Name your current top 3:

Foamo: That’s too hard!

Q: All time top 3:

Foamo: Impossible!


Anonymous said...

Nice post! Didn't know he was one of the mans behind machines don't care.

Keep up the good work..!

Anonymous said...

Glad you like. Check out The Fat! Club blog for more Foamo related goodies or catch him at our London Party on March 27th at the Arches alongside Herve, Tittsworth, Duke Dumont, A1 Bassline and loads mo' yo!

Anonymous said...

Also, he's not part of the Machines Don't Care project... but he should be!