10 August, 2007

Switch Rocks M'bro!

Switch was in Middlesbrough for the first time at the end of last month, and what a fuckin' night it was.. so good that he even ended up back at a house party with us.. unfortuantly by that time my camera had ran out of battery, call me a lier but I know it's true!

anyway here's the video's and pictures from the night.

08 August, 2007


Straaatch, a French Dj/Producer from Marseille (real name Fabrice Delcambre) recently sent me over some of his bouncin' tracks, sure to get any dancefloor.. ermm.. dancin', haha anyway here's a little about himself in his own words:

"My various and varied influences take root in the heart of the hip hop, and the various ramifications go and carress the electronic gimmicks of the French and other touches. A foot in the rave party, but always turned towards the new current electronic landscape, my music is groovy, a little "cheesy", but always effective on a dance floor. I rejected for a long time the "all numeric", I used, synthetizers and others grooveboxs, I passed to computerized music, which really boosted up my productions."

Straaatch's MySpace

He also organises little event's and runs a radio show on a student radio with a little group of friends, they call themselves 'Electrochoc' check out their MySpace for more details.

Now for the music...

StrAAAtcH - Sweet & Dirty (zShare)
StrAAAtcH - All Roaaad Finition (zShare)
StrAAAtcH - Crazy Creak (zShare)