31 December, 2008

Top 10 of 2008

Original Tracks:

01. Riva Starr - Vouxhall
02. Jak-Z - Cutie Pie
03. Fake Blood - Mars
04. Jesse Rose & Action Man - Take It To The Club
05. Jak-Z - Got The Power
06. Trevor Loveys - Byrdy Beats
07. Stupid Fresh - The Sexual Peanut
08. Riva Starr - Scratch n' Itch
09. His Majesty Andre - Peep Thong
10. Campbell - Better Not Kick My Dog


01. Kid Cudi - Day n' Night (Crookers Remix)
02. Mystery Jets - Hideaway (Switch Remix)
03. Tommie Sunshine - Limit Of Your Mind (Nic Sarno Remake)
04. AC Slater - Jack Got Jacked (Jack Beats Remix)
05. Santiago & Bushido - For The People (HiJack Remix)
06. Filthy Dukes - Tupac Robot Club Rock (Oliver $ Remix)
07. Ryan Murgatroyd - What You Do To Me (Stupid Fresh Remix)
08. Chromeo - Fancy Footwork (Crookers Remix)
09. JR from Dallas - Jazz Ghetto City (Lee Mortimer Remix)
10. Pirate Robot Midget feat. Grand Agent - It's My Beat Now (Riva Starr Mix)

Far to many great remixes to choose from so here's another 10 that just missed out, in no order...

Mystery Jets - Half In Love With Elizabeth (Foamo Remix)
Andy George - Big Dipper (HiJack Remix)
X-Press 2 - Lazy (Mowgli 'Wobbin' Remix)
Mr. Elastic - Justice (Mowgli Remix)
Osawa Shinichi - Star Guitar (Jaymo's 'Beware Of The Gator' Mix)
Moby - I Love To Move In Here (Crookers 'Crack' Remix)
Sonny J - Enfant (Riton Rerub)
The Kills - Cheap And Cheerful (Fake Blood Remix)
Hot Chip - Touch Too Much (Fake Blood Remix)
Metronomy - A Thing For Me (Sinden Remix)

Now i've probably missed out shit loads of cracking remixes/tracks but this was done in a bit of a rush, whats your favourite remix/track of 08?

Sound of Da Riva Starr

The next installment on the RIVA STARR RECHUNK series is the SOUND OF PECAN, played everywhere from Parisian SOCIAL CLUB (Chef party) to Italian new hype party RAG TAG (in Naples) to every gig he's recently done.... watch the people go mad with this.... and just in time for any of your NYE sets! Awesome..

30 December, 2008

Disturbed Beats 007 - Mixed by Shab Ruffcut & Trevor Loveys

Hope everyone had a good christmas (I've just recovered from boxing day activities), anyway here's a late present for you all, 007 in the Disturbed Beats mix series from Shab Ruffcut & Trevor Loveys live from Warehouse Party, short at only 30 minutes but very very sweet with plenty of their new material included which should be available over the next month or 2.

Disturbed Beats 007 - Mixed by Shab Ruffcut & Trevor Loveys (Mediafire) *NEW LINK*

001. Chemical Brothers - Hey Boys, Hey Girls (Soul Wax Remix)
002. Trevor Loveys & Shab Ruffcut - Feed Me
003. Stupied Fresh - The Sexual Peanut
004. Trevor Loveys & Shab Ruffcut - Finger Midget
005. Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler (Jesse Rose Remix)
006. The Martin Brothers - Dum Dum
007. HiJack - Higher
008. Trevor Loveys & Shab Ruffcut - Jacket Potato House
009. Trevor Loveys & Shab Ruffcut - Jack Da Ripper

Happy new year everyone!

29 December, 2008

Jeff Doubleu January 09 Mix

Getting in there before the crowds, here's Jeff's January mix.

Jeff Doubleu - January 09 Mix (Mediafire)

01. Daniel Bedingfield – Gotta Get Thru This (Original Mix)
02. His Majesty Andre – Peep Thong (Original Mix)
03. Oliver $ & Deize Tigrona – Tá Com Medo Do Mim (Original Mix)
04. Riva Starr – Snatch (Original Mix)
05. Kink – The Big Payback (Original Mix)
06. Jeff Doubleu – Steal This (Original Mix)
07. Tina Moore – Never Gonna Let You Go (Original Mix)
08. Sawtooth Sucka – Letting Go (Original Mix)
09. Jay Robinson – Make Your Body Jack (Original Mix)
10. Body Snatchers – I Like What I See (HiJack Remix)
11. HiJack – Listen Up (Original Mix)
12. Incredible Melting Man – Gangsta Filth (Justin James Remix)
13. Kid Sister – Family Reunion (Dem Slackers Remix)
14. Filthy Dukes – Tupac Robot Club Rock (Oliver $ Remix)
15. Justin James – Jack Wit Us (Jeff Doubleu Remix)
16. HiJack & Flinch – Check This (Original Mix)
17. HiJack & Flinch – Sketch Out (Original Mix)
18. Daniel Steinberg – In My Home (Original Mix)
19. D. Ramirez – Physiological Rythms (White Light Mix) VS (Dark Night Mix)
20. Larry Tee – My Pussy (Jeff Doubleu Remix)
21. Jan Driver – Rat Alert (Original Mix)

This lad (Jeff Doubleu) has come along way in 08 remixing Larry Tee and Justin James to name a few, expect alot more from him in 09 with tracks/remixes on HiJack's Jack Union and Bryan Cox's Crux already in the pipeline.

23 December, 2008

HiJack Weekly Mix 3

Yet another jackin' 10 track mix from HiJack to see you through to boxing day when hopefully we'll see 007 from the Disturbed Beats mix series : )

HIJACK MIX 3 (zShare)

01. Crookers - See The Crown
02. Jesse Garcia - Off Da Hook (Duke Dumont Remix)
03. AC Slater - Vertigo (Nick Supply Remix)
04. Pat Nice - All The Time (Lee Mortimer Remix)
05. Groove Allegiance - Ramp It Up (HiJack Remix)
06. Mondo Grosso - Fire And Ice (Switch Remix / HiJack Edit)
07. Stupid Fresh - Spam Javelin
08. Larry Tee - I Love U (The Bulgarian Remix)
09. Mic Perry - Have A Nice Day (Jamie Fanatic Remix)
10. Tom EQ - Take Me To New York (HiJack Edit)

Merry Christmas from Jon (HiJack)

17 December, 2008

Disturbed Beats Parties coming 2009

Great news! Disturbed Beats now have our own parties coming February 2009. They will be once a month, the 1st Friday of the month @ Warehouse in Middlesbrough (maybe a bit far for most but hope you can all make it too 1 soon. It all kicks off with our very special guest and blog favourite MOWGLI on Friday 6th February making his first visit to the smog of Middlesbrough. Get your early bird tickets for only £4 +BF now from Skiddle.

VENUE: Warehouse
LOCATION: 11-13 Zetland Road, Middlesbrough. TS1 1EH
DATE: First Friday of the month
MUSIC: Electro/Fidget/Wonky/Jackin'/House

Please join our Facebook/MySpace groups for up to date info on the nights, discount entry, que jump and more: Facebook / MySpace.


+ Residents Nelly & Karl Frampton (Off the Cuff)


Limited early bird tickets only £4+BF : Buy Tickets
£6 with flyer & NUS / £7 on the door
Paying Guestlist email your full names to: disturbedbeats@gmail.com

Double Vodka Mixer £2 / Red Stripe £2
Selected Bottles £1.50 / Selected Shots £1

Hope you can all make it down! :)

New/Recent Releases (17.12)

Trevor Loveys & Shab Ruffcut have produced a monster of a remix that's out now on Beatport, make sure you don't miss this!!

Aniki - Evil Nugget (Trevor Loveys & Shab Ruffcut Remix)


Jack Union are back with a release from Hijack and Flinch and consists of 3 originals:

A1 - HiJack & Flinch - Check This
A2 - HiJack & Flinch - Sketch Out
A3 - HiJack & Flinch - Dirty Soul

Its out on the 19th December and until then here's a bit of a teaser

HiJack & Flinch - Musical Chairs EP (Minimix) (Zippy Share)

HiJack has this unrivalled ability to stay current, and furthermore stay one step ahead of the crowd.

It is to this end, that their latest EP leans towards a techier, edgier side of house, and is merely an experiment - that just happens to be ALIVE with a jackin vibe.

Expect to see much much more from Jack Union going into 2009, after a renewed injection of vigour and an installation of a dedicated administration team, the label now has the infrastructure to concentrate on delivering quality output, and regularly!

Next up for Jack Union are EP's from Wongo, Tom EQ and Jak-Z, aswell as originals and remixes from label owners HiJack!


J Sephora - Looney Tunes EP
01. Gropping Grandmas
02. Fuck Love

Available now from Beatport

All SICK Releases Available Here.

Spencer Spiketail EP Promo

The Spencer Spiketail EP has been getting rave reviews, with a perfect 10/10 in iDJ, comparisons to Green Velvet, Freaks, and Classic Recordings, and DJ support from the likes of Satoshi Tomiie, Luke Solomon, Laurent Garnier, Johnny Fiasco, Onionz and M.A.N.D.Y. to name but a few. The EP is anchored by the single "My Synthesizer Won't Behave", a tech house banger built around George's witty spoken word vocal directed towards his synthesizer. The narrative uses a call and response between George's vocals and a variety of his synthesizer's bleeps and bloops to create an extremely unique, quirky, and yet completely dance floor driven track.

Label bosses The Fingermonsters step up to the plate with their own remix of "My Synthesizer Won't Behave", taking the energy up a notch with their off the wall blend of tech and electro beats. Their remix cuts the vocal elements back to the chorus and rebuilds around a massive analog synth line.

Andrew Phelan & Origami's version of the track strips things back to their core, reprogramming the original bassline and building the energy back up around a heavy dose of percussion, creating an extremely mixable track with a decidedly old school feel.

For more info on Monsta Music, please visit Monsta's parent label, Prismatic Tracks.

Download the full EP now here.

George Cochrane - My Synthesizer Won't Behave (Original Edit)

George Cochrane - My Synthesizer Won't Behave (Andrew Phelan & Origami Edit)

George Cochrane - My Synthesizer Won't Behave (The Fingermonsters Edit)

16 December, 2008

Catch up time..

Time for a little catch up on my part, I haven't had chance over the past month or so to update the blog as often as I would have liked mainly due to the long awaited arrival of the Disturbed Beats nights kicking off in February of next year (exciting times). Anyway to show all the people who have been emailing me their tracks lately that I do actually read through them all here's the best of what I missed:

2 tracks from Mom & Dad sent to me a while back, On My Mind was in mine and a few other dj's charts a few months back, brilliant track.

Mom & Dad - On My Mind (Mediafire)

Mom & Dad - Kill Your Parents (Mediafire)


FREE track sent from Trevor Loveys and Affie Yusuf's label Tragic Magic. The track "Tear Up London" is part of their Get Busy EP, available now on Beatport which includes the awesome "Back to Beat" track, go check it out now.

Loveys & Yusuf - Tear Up London (zShare)


Streetlab recently re-mixed indie sensation, Passion Pit's "Sleepyhead". (big fan of this remix, its been on repeat in my headphones all night, nice and relaxing)

Passion Pit - Sleepyhead (Streetlab Mix) (Right click to save) (ZIP)


More now from Yeah! Woho! in the shape of their Panik remix.

Far Och Son - Panik (Yeah! Woho! Remix) (Right click to save)


Little bootleg from Dubbel Dutch..

Pimp Jackson Is Talkin' Now (Dubbel Dutch Bootleg) (Mediafire)


Kotchy - She Made It So Easy (Chubby Fingers Remix) (Mediafire) (Zippy Share)


New Mansion track "Skin Tight"

Mansion - Skin Tight (zShare)


I'm currently in London and on mobile internet until Monday so not as fast and gets very annoying when you're trying to listen/download/upload lots of tracks so sorry if I've missed any ones tracks. (Mixes hopefully tomorrow)

HIJACK Weekly Mix 2

Time again for Jon's weekly live mix, long may this continue..


01. X-Press 2 - Give It (Switch Remix)
02. Ivan Allard - Bombuclatz (Wongo Remix / HiJack Edit)
03. Ernst Shoemaker - Do You Know (Rene Van Munster Remix)
04. Johnny Fiasco - Conduction (Santiago & Bushido Remix)
05. Mastiksoul - Independencia
06. Modeler - Still Crisp
07. Mowgli - Amore
08. Lennie De Ice - We Are IE (HiJack Remix)
09. Vukasin - I Feel
10. Consistent - Midday Blend (Oliver $ Remix)

NYE Ticket Giveaway..

What you doing for NYE? you in london? if so then here's a competition for you, just answer this 1 simple question for your chance to WIN tickets to arguably the meanest night out in london thanks to LAST ONE IN'S A ROTTEN EGG vs. SHOREDITCH IS SHIT featuring Trevor Loveys, Mowgli, Solo, HiJack and plenty more over 3 floors.

Question: What's the name of Trevor Loveys' record label?

answers should be sent to info@ditchitall.co.uk

Limited early bird tickets are available at £20 from 333: call 020 7739 5949 to book.
You can also buy tickets from:
Rough Trade, 91 brick lane, 020 7392 7790
Phonica, 51 Poland Street, 020 7025 6070


15 December, 2008

Are you a producer?

Sorry for the very late post people but there is a competition to get producer’s tracks remixed by Shinichi Osawa and released on Southern Fried Records. Shinichi’s been blowing up over the last year with remixes for Boys Noize, Felix Da Housecat and Snow Patrol, plus his debut album ‘The One’ selling 150,000 copies in Japan. All you have to do is click the banner below or click here and follow the instructions, be quick closing date is Wednesday 17th Dec.

Also the Audio Bullys have had a comic made based around the lyrics of the track ‘Dope Fiend’. When you buy the comic there’s a URL to download the track. The comic is available at http://www.thedopefiend.co.uk/

04 December, 2008

Jackinori 002 Mix + EXCLUSIVE BOOT

Jackinori fresh from his "Whats The Story EP" release on Venga Digital has dropped off not only the second installment of his own mix series but also an exclusive bootleg (just for all you DB readers) he's done with Leon Dipace of Prodigy's less controversal #1 hit "Breathe".

Jackinori & Leon Dipace - Breathe (Mediafire) EXCLUSIVE

Jackinori 002 Mix (zShare)

01. Defunct! - Welcome Back (Daniel Carro Remix) [Destination?]
02. Chris James & Lee Dearn - Torcida Cumbia (Mightyfools Remix) [Potty Mouth]
03. Lee Mortimer - That thing (dub Version) [Cr2]
04. Steed Lord - Its What You Do To Me(Jack Beats Remix)[CD-R]
05. Jackinori - Freak Y'All [Static Jack]
06. Fatboy Slim Vs. Riva $ - Rockafella Starr [CD-R]
07. Shinichi Osawa - Star Guitar (Jaymo's Beware The Gator Mix) [Data]
08. The BodySnatchers – I Like What I See (Hijack Remix) [Passenger Records]
09. Nadastrom - Pussy [Dubsided]
10. Filthy Dukes - Tupac Robot Rock (Oliver $ Remix) [CD-R]
11. Aniki - Hip-Hop Thrilla [Sick]
12. The Yank - We Can't Be Stopped [Movement Music]
13. Radioclit - Divine Gosa (Switch Remix) [Dubsided]
14. Tom EQ - Skewer [CD-R]
15. Jak Z - Get Ya Ass Up [CD-R]
16. Groove Allegiance - Ramp It Up (HiJack Mix) [Splank]
17. Jackinori - The Groove [Venga]
18. Jon Kennedy feat. Mr. Eyez - Jakk'd 'n' Skrew'd (Jackinori Remix) [Pivital Records]

HIJACK Live Mix 1

How he finds the time I don't know but Jon's planning on doing a 10 track live mix every week, expect exclusives on a weekly basis! The first is here for you now..

HIJACK LIVE MIX 1 (zShare) (Mediafire)

01. Nic Sarno - Work (In The Club)
02. Rene Van Munster - Untitled
03. Damonkenutz - Yellow Pants (Justin Martin Remix)
04. HiJack & Flinch - Sketch Out
05. Jjack Hogan - Devo (Oliver $ Dub)
06. Ben & Lex - Wind It Back (Riva Starr Remix)
07. HiJack & Flinch - Check This
08. Trevor Loveys - After Dark
09. Troydon - I Get So
10. Solid Groove - Unknown