27 December, 2012

Roy Apron - The Kicks

Hope you all had a great Christmas and are preparing for an awesome New Year, Boy 8-Bit's alter ego Roy Apron is here to help make it that little bit better!

wav: Roy Apron - The Kicks (Soundcloud)

23 December, 2012

Zombie Disco Squad - Pump Up The Valium (Boot)

Great bootleg from ZDS. "Sometimes in Life it's good to have a straight up fun party tune, that's what I tried to do here."

mp3: Zombie Disco Squad - Pump Up The Valium (Boot) (Soundcloud)

22 December, 2012

Boy 8-Bit - We Move By Night

Well aren't we some lucky bloggers this month, free tracks from some of the best producers in the business and now here's another in Boy 8-Bit, I'll let him give you the info on this one...

"To celebrate there being almost exactly 10 years this weekend since the first demo CD changed hands between myself and Fake Blood. Here is a WAV download for my track on his Blood Music label that came out earlier this year.

A touching tale for Christmas! ;)"

wav: Boy 8-Bit - We Move By Night (Soundcloud)

21 December, 2012

Jesse Rose - You're All Over My Head (Switch Remix - Oliver $ Edit)

Cheeky little edit from Oliver $ of Switch's new previously unreleased remix of Jesse Rose's 'You're All Over My Head'.

Just release through Dubsided is 'Switch - The Remixes', grab some of your favourite Switch remixes from over the years including 'Worry About It Later' and 'Hidaway'. Link here.

mp3: Jesse Rose - You're All Over My Head (Switch Remix - Oliver $ Edit) (Soundcloud)

Kimbra - Good Intent (Jesse Rose Remix)

An early Christmas present from Mr Rose, officially released on vinyl through Jesse's club brand Made for the Night on the 14th January and includes an instrumental version!

mp3: Kimbra - Good Intent (Jesse Rose Remix) (Soundcloud)

15 December, 2012

Eats Everything' 'Edits Everything' Essential Mix (15-12-12)

Eats Everything returns to Radio1's Essential Mix just over a year after his debut this time with an Edits Everything special! - every track in the mix is either an Eats Everything re-edit, remix, rework, reebeef, retwix, VIP, or an Eats production!

mp3: Eats Everything' 'Edits Everything' Essential Mix (15-12-12) (Zippyshare)

01. Celeda - Be Yourself (Eats Reebeef) - CDR
02. Loco Dice - Autotox (Eats Unreleased Jumpin Project Reebeef) - CDR
03. Jay Shepheard - Add Arp (Catz n Dogz Remix - Eats Reebeef) - CDR
04. Rodriguez Jr. - Pandora (Eats Reebeef) - CDR
05. No Boundaries - Modular Pursuit (Eats Reebeef) - CDR
06. Carl Craig - Parking Garage Politics (Eats Reebeef) - CDR
07. X-Press 2 - Muzik Xpress (Eats Everything Rework) - Skint
08. Justin Martin & Eats Everything - Feather Fight - Hypercolour
09. LB Lynam - Get Things Straight (Eats Slight Reebeef) - CDR
10. M1 - Freak The Frequency (Eats Rework) - CDR
11. Green Velvet - UFO's (Eats Reebeef) - CDR
12. Jacques Da Booty - Saturday Love (Eats Rework) - CDR
13. Boddika & Joy Orbison - &Fate (Eats Reebeef) - CDR
14. Basement Jaxx - Flylife Xtra (Eats Rework) - CDR
15. CJ Bolland - Sugar Is Sweeter (Armands Drum n Bass Mix - Eats Rework) - CDR
16. WeRobots - WR001 (Eats Reebeef) - CDR
17. Major Lazer - Get Free (Eats Rework) - CDR
18. Tripmastaz - Roll Dat (Eats Reebeef) - CDR
19. Lil' Mo' Yin Yang - Reach (Eats Rework) - CDR
20. Eats Everything - The Withywood Walk - Dirytbird
21. Eats Everything & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinasours - Lion, The Lion - CDR
22. Justin Martin & ARDALAN - Wheelgunner (Eats Slight Reebeef) - Dirtybird
23. Breach & Dark Sky - The Click (Eats Everything Rework) - Naked Naked
24. Eats Everything - Trubble VIP - CDR
25. Eats Everything - Vertigo (Eats Flacid Chunder VIP) - CDR
26. K├Âlsch - Opa (Eats Reebeef - Blaze My Beat Acapella) - CDR
27. Paul Simon - Graceland (Eats Secret Garden Party VEEEYEPEE) - CDR
28. Martin Dawson - Everythings Gonna Be Alright - Recovery House
29. Justin Martin - Ruff Stuff (Eats Everything ReRuff) - Dirtybird
30. Chicken Lips - He Not In (Eats Everything' Chicken T*** Rewix) - Defected

14 December, 2012

Moody - Freeki Mutha Fucker (Catz 'n Dogz Edit)

Great edit from duo Catz 'n Dogz of classic house track 'Freeki Mother Fucker' by Moody and due to someone pressing this edit to 12" without their permission they have decided to give it away for free... is it wrong to thank whoever this was?

mp3: Moody - Freeki Mutha Fucker (Catz 'n Dogz Edit) (Soundcloud)

13 December, 2012

Duke Dumont - The Giver (Jesse Rose Remix)

Another take on 'The Giver' by Duke Dumont this time from Jesse Rose.

mp3: Duke Dumont - The Giver (Jesse Rose Remix) (Soundcloud)

12 December, 2012

Boy 8-Bit Live Set @ Blood Music Fabric Room One (21-09-2012)

The long awaited set from Boy 8-Bit @ Fabric back in September for Fake Blood's album launch / Blood Music night.

mp3: Boy 8-Bit @ Blood Music Fabric Room One (21/09/2012) (Soundcloud)

"A recording of my set from the Blood Music Night in Room One at Fabric on 21st of September 2012.

Night was already quite banging by this point so decided to keep it upbeat and dancey! For some reason, even though I knew it was being recorded, I still decided to play a bunch of rough untested demos and edits, as you do... Perhaps some of these will come out in some form in 2013.."

1. Zinc - Go In (Boy 8-Bit Remix)
2. Duke Dumont - Thunder Clap
3. Charlie XCX - Dancing in the Darkness (Woz Remix)
4. Fake Blood - All In The Blink (Boy 8-Bit Remix WIP)
5. Zulu - INCLEH
6. FIS-T - Night Hunter / Boy 8-Bit - Machines
7. Boy 8-Bit - Action Break Demo
8. Boy 8-Bit - It Don't Matter V1
9. Boy 8-Bit - Yeah On It
10. Joy-O - Sicko Cell (B8B Quick Acid Tool)
11. Boddika - Acid Jackson
12. Boy 8-Bit - That Cliched Acid Track
13. Bodzin and Huntemann - Rubin (EDIT)
14. Boy 8-Bit - Black Satanic Mysticism
15. Boy 8-Bit - We Move By Night
16. Boy 8-Bit - The Keep
17. Special Request - Lolita (Warehouse Dub)
18. Dj Hyper Active - Wide Open (Len Faki Edit)
19. Rivet - Grifter
20. Unspecified Enemies - Multi Ordinal Tracking Unit
21. Untold - Motion The Dance

11 December, 2012

Yuna - Lullabies (Prince Club Hydrocodone Mix)

Simply beautiful remix from Prince Club, for me in the same category as Major Lazers 'Get Free'... hairs on end type shit.

mp3: Yuna - Lullabies (Prince Club Hydrocodone Mix) (Soundcloud)

Like what you hear? get plenty more over at their Soundcloud.

10 December, 2012

Artful Dodger - Please Don't Turn Me On (Disclosure Remix)

Disclosure are massive right now and this remix of Artful Dodger's 'Please Don't Turn Me On' featuring Lifford Shillingford is no different. Up on their soundcloud for a limited time so grab it before it's gone.

Disclosure are currently on tour, head to their site for dates in your area. www.disclosureofficial.com

mp3: Artful Dodger - Please Don't Turn Me On (Disclosure Remix) (Soundcloud)

07 December, 2012

Duke Dumont - The Giver (Birdee "It's All Gone Disco" rebuild)

Wow! have I really been away for almost 2 months, sorry about that people I've been in my own little world.

Anyway here's a disco-bootleg of Duke Dumont's track 'The Giver' by Italian TurboFunker 'Birdee'. One of the biggest tracks of 2012 all disco'd up for free download, here's what Birdee had to say:

'Duke Dumont's The Giver is one of my favourite tracks of 2012 - I love the vibe of it and the vocal is incredibly intense. I liked the remix package, but I thought a disco rework would have complemented it perfectly...so here it is. Just a little homage to a great producer and a great tune. Hope you enjoy it!'

mp3: Duke Dumont - The Giver (Birdee "It's All Gone Disco" rebuild) (Soundcloud)
(right-click to save)

09 October, 2012

Disturbed Beats 025 - Mixed by Prince Club

Introducing the quarter of a century exclusive DB mix and we have two young dj/producers from Montreal, Canada who go by the name Prince Club. The duo have released a number of chart topping EP's on Snatch! & Made To Play, receiving support from industry heavyweights Claude vonStroke, Solomun, Rive Starr, Brodinski, Jesse Rose, Zombie Disco Squad and many more.

mp3: Disturbed Beats 025 - Mixed by Prince Club (Zippyshare)

001. No Money Blues feat. Extra Curricular - Duke Dumont // Turbo
002. You Feel Alright feat. Jonny Cruz (The Original Vocal Mix) - Z Boys, Alex Niggemann // Soulfooled
003. Let Go - Leftwing & Kody // Alive
004. 10 Miles From Lima - Darius Syrossian // Klangkultur
005. Daft - A1 Bassline // Dirtybird
006. The Big Ol - Sacha Robotti // Klasse
007. You Are - Squarehead // Get Physical
008. Delusive Pains - Alexi Delano, Alejandro Sab // Get Physical
009. These Days (Jimmy Edgar Implication) - Audiojack, Kevin Knapp // Gruuv
010. 7 Money (Alessio Collina) - Matteo Gatti // Hustler
011. The Dip (Prince Club "Dip It Good" Re-Work) - Justin Jay // Dirtybird [Birdhouse]
012. No Sympathy - Maya Jane Coles // Elite
013. Soul123 - Luca Lozano // Klasse
014. Don't Go (Dusky Remix) - Justin Martin // Dirtybird

You can also download this mix along with the rest of the mix series from iTunes.

Grab their re-work of Justin Jays "The Dip" for free below and plenty more gems from their soundcloud page.

mp3: Justin Jay - The Dip (Prince Club "Dip It Good" Re-Work) (Soundcloud)

21 September, 2012

Fake Blood EP + Release Party + Live Stream from Fabric

EP Launch @ Fabric, London on Friday 21st September
Release Party Streamed Live via Awdio.com
First Play via Annie Mac / Radio 1 Friday Night
Hour Takeover of Diplo & Friend’s Radio 1xtra Show, Saturday 22nd September

To coincide with the release, Fake Blood’s own label Blood Music is taking over Room 1 of London’s legendary super club – Fabric. A Live Stream of the Blood Music room will be taking place for fans that can’t make it to the party. Awdio’s Live Streaming technology will be in play to make sure Fake Blood fans from across the world can be a part of the action. The artists in the Blood Music Room are Fake Blood, Boy 8 Bit, Clouds, LeBreton and Ego Troopers.

Fake Blood releases the highly anticipated ‘Yes/No’ EP on Different Recordings this Friday September 21st (September 24th on Vinyl).

To get involved with the live stream make your way over to Fake Blood’s Facebook page: http://smarturl.it/fakebloodlivestream (Facebook embed link: http://url.awdio.com/SNUJnXW)

Be sure to catch the first radio play of Yes/No via Annie Mac this Friday on BBC Radio 1 and Saturday when Fake Blood takes over Diplo & Friend’s show on 1xtra.

What follows next is Fake Blood’s eagerly anticipated debut album, ‘Cells’, set for release on November 12th through Different Recordings. Theo Keating, in true maverick style, has forged his own path as Fake Blood - a hard-hitting, multi genre artist with a cult following like no other. His previous releases, ‘Mars’ and the ‘Fix Your Accent EP’ that features the hit club song, ‘I Think I Like It’ have gained rave reviews among press and fans alike, cementing the man as a leader of the scene. This record is set to be one of the standout albums of the year.

tickets: www.fabriclondon.com
Price: £16 advance/£17 door/£10 student (before 12am)/£12 fabricfirst; £7 after 3am

Fake Blood, Boy 8 Bit, Clouds, Lebreton, Ego Troopers

KILL EM ALL… SCNTST, Telepathe (LIVE), Pangaea, Daniel Avery, Filthy Dukes

ASBO...Trevino, Alvin C, Riotous Rockers

21st Sept BM @ fabric, London w/ Boy 8-Bit, Ego Troopers, Clouds, LeBreton
28th Sept PIAS Nights @ Salle de la Madeleine, Brussels
29th Sept BM @ Reading Rooms, Dundee w/ Ado, Clouds
5th Oct BM @ Moles, Bath w/ Boy 8-Bit
6th Oct Stiff Kitten, Belfast
12th Oct Bugged Out @ Warehouse Project, Manchester
13th Oct Chibuku Shake Shake, Liverpool
20th Oct We Love ADE @ Air, Amsterdam

07 September, 2012

Future Bass Album - Review + Competition

Album Review: FUTURE BASS from Ministry of Sound

If you are a keen follower of the blog and have checked out my latest mix you should know by now my change in music style over the last month or so, well this album fits perfectly while opening my eyes to so much more unearthed bass music for example Eliphino's "More Than Me".

Released by Ministry of Sound I think they have got the track selection bang on including Pete Tong's previous Essential New Tune "Infinity" by Infinity Ink, Justin Martin's epic "Ruff Stuff" and Shadow Child's "String Thing" championed by pretty much every worthwhile DJ going.

With over 2 hours full to the brim of bass music it has been a joy listening to the double CD, it shall be joining me in Ibiza this weekend where it will be on repeat throughout the week!

This is definitely an album you want to end the summer with, due out Sept 10th and available on Double CD (Amazon) or digitally (iTunes).

Check out the promo video: click here

For your chance to win a copy of the album head to the bottom of this post and answer the question.

- - - - -

2 CDs of the most championed underground bass music
Featuring Disclosure, Julio Bashmore, Rudimental, Eats Everything, Rustie, TNGHT & more

Ministry of Sound presents Future Bass, a 2CD journey through some of the key future bass tracks that have been pivotal to its development, as well as some of the latest beats to have recently emerged. With acts such as Disclosure and Rustie making the Radio 1 B-List and well respected DJs such as Annie Mac and Pete Tong championing the sound, it seems like the perfect time to collate all the best bits of the genre so far.

CD1 kicks off with the most wanted DJ’s on the scene, Disclosure and their recent club hit Control. Their infectious two step sound sets the tone for both discs, with Control commencing CD1 and their remix of Jessie Ware’s Running which catapulted them to fame on CD2. CD1 then delves into some of the biggest names in Future Bass, with the stomping hip hop inspired beats of Hudson Mohawke and Rustie leading into the sparse and atmospheric Vehl from Kidnap Kid and the funky tones  of Karma Kid’s remix of Bwana, Baby Let Me Finish.

CD2 focuses on the deeper side of future bass demonstrating the varied nature of the genre. With established names Jamie Jones, Eats Everything and Mosca’s latest offerings intermingled with the young fresh sounds of artists such as Pusherman, Dusky and TNGHT’s erratic noises this disc represents a broader interpretation of future bass in comparison to disc 1.
All in all, this album brings together the key future bass tracks that have been pivotal to its development, as well as some of the latest beats to have recently emerged. This album is the first Ministry of Sound album to feature Aurasma. Download the Aurasma Lite App from the App Store or Google Play, point your device over the image above to listen to a preview of the album accompanied by some incredible visuals. A unique marketing tool that is both exciting and innovative.

- - - - -

We have been given 5 copies of this album to give away all we need is the answer to this simple question.

Question: Which featured artist was responsible for delivering the Radio 1 playlisted remix of Jessie Ware's 'Running'?

To enter please email your answers along with your name and address to disturbedbeats@gmail.com with FUTURE BASS as the subject to enter, competition closes Sunday 16th September... Good luck!

04 September, 2012

Jack Union 5th Anniversary EP (Preview Mix)

Huge release on its way from DB favourites Jack Union in the form of their 5th Anniversary Sampler which has already gained support from big guns such as Fatboy Slim, Claude Vonstroke, Crookers, Oliver $, Mark Farina, Shir Khan, Sonny Fodera and loads more. Includes tracks from everyone involved in with the label, standout tracks for us are Beat Box and Castlevania, check the preview below there's something for everyone. Release date 17th September.


01. Hijack - Change
02. The Potato Heads - Box Beat
03. Chitown - Macho Man Randy Savage
04. Kimba - Castlevania
05. Tom EQ - So What
06. Jeff Doubleu & Wotsisname - Needy
07. Robert Boogert - It Ain't Love
08. Hijack - Wanted
09. Vukasin & The Potato Heads - Think
10. Chitown - Trump It
11. Vukasin - On and On

Renegade Masters (Riva Starr ReChunk)

Riva Starr is finally giving away his massive party re-chuck of the infamous Wildchild - Renegade Masters (Fatboy Slim Remix). Grab it quick!

mp3: Wildchild - Renegade Masters (Fatboy Slim Remix - Riva Starr ReChunk) (Soundcloud)

27 July, 2012

Wolf Cub - Forste

Wolf Cub, part of The Transmission Collective in Leeds.

mp3: Wolf Cub - Forste (Soundcloud)

20 July, 2012

Tom EQ - Dum

New one from Tom EQ, lets get dum!?

mp3: Tom EQ - Dum (Soundcloud)

18 July, 2012

Nelly - Summer Mix 2012

Over the past month or so I've started to take a new direction musically, deeper but still with the fun element, none of that boring deep shit... here's my first mix showcasing my new style so hope you all enjoy. Comments very welcome.

Also keep an eye out for the new exclusive Disturbed Beats mix coming very soon + interview with the mystery artist..

mp3: Nelly - Summer Mix 2012 (Zippyshare) *new link, mediafire fucked up*

01. Ornette - Crazy (Noze Remix Extended Club Version)
02. Mosca - Eva Mendes
03. Leftwing & Kody - Bump And Flex
04. Lukas & Eats Everything feat. The Eel - 0200
05. Jaymo & Andy George - How It Goes
06. Lauhaus & Kabale Und Liebe - Hiphouse
07. Onofrio Conte - Night Lovers
08. Nick Monaco & Kill Frenzy - This1 That1
09. Hot Chip - Night And Day (Dusky Remix)
10. Dan Le Sac - Play Along (Waze & Odyssey Garage Sale)
11. Lucy Love - We Are The Stars (Tom Shorterz 02.31 Riddim)
12. Worthy - Same Damm Thing
13. Celsius - Must Be You
14. Mosca - Bax

13 July, 2012

Fake Blood 'Cells' ALBUM

Fake Blood’s eagerly anticipated debut album, ‘Cells’, will be released on Different Recordings this autumn. Renowned for his hi octane, electro-influenced productions, this record is set to be one of the standout albums of 2012.

Theo Keating, in true maverick style, has forged his own path as Fake Blood- a hard-hitting, multi genre artist with a cult following like no other. His recent releases, ‘Mars’ and the ‘Fix Your Accent EP’ that features the hit club song, ‘I Think I Like It’ have gained rave reviews among press and fans alike, cementing the man as a leader of the scene.

The album will feature brand new tracks and the first single, ‘Yes /No’ will be released in August as an EP, followed up by a second single ‘All In The Blink’ later in the year.

To celebrate the release of ‘Cells’, Fake Blood will headline a launch party at London’s Fabric.

Forthcoming dates:

27/07 – Global Gathering – UK
03/08 – Hard Summer @ LA Historic Park – USA
04/08 – Mezzanine, San Fran, LA – USA
25/08 – Mysterylands Festival – Amsterdam – Netherlands
26/08 – Creamfields – UK

06 July, 2012

Switch - I Still Love You (Nic Sarno Remix)

Time for another post featuring "I Still Love You" this time Nick Sarno's remix, a tool used in his sets.

mp3: Switch - I Still Love You (Nic Sarno Remix) (Soundcloud)

Coin Operated Boy - Cat Snare (Tom EQ Remix)

This track came out a while back on LMP Recordings now Tom EQ is giving it away for free, a nice little groover.

mp3: Coin Operated Boy - Cat Snare (Tom EQ Remix) (Soundcloud)

21 June, 2012

Eats Everything vs Switch - I Still Love Tric Trac

Remember Eats Everythings Essential Mix from the end of last year? Well he's finally giving away one of the mashups featured in that mix, 2 massive tracks in their own right mashed up and they are nothing short of special!

mp3: Eats Everything vs Switch - I Still Love Tric Trac (Soundcloud)

Santigold - The Keepers (Duke Dumont Pour Hommes Remix)

Duke Dumont has been very generous on soundcloud and put up another of his remixes done for Santigold. This time taking things down a different route, while the other was more chilled this one is far from it. This ones the mans remix!

wav: Santigold - The Keepers (Duke Dumont Pour Hommes Remix) (Soundcloud)

20 June, 2012

Jagga - Love Song (Boy 8-Bit Remix)

Boy 8-Bit has reworked Jagga's new single 'Love Song' and Mixmag have it up as an exclusive wav download, head over there now before its gone.

link: Jagga - Love Song (Boy 8-Bit Remix) (Mixmag)

He's also done a "Wistful 303 Dub" which is a tad more wistful, 303 and a bit more heads down. have a listen below, you will however have to wait until 22nd July for that.

15 June, 2012

Polymath - Piano Chat

With a recent remix for No Brainer Records and upcoming releases on Dolby Anol's Mortar & Pestle and Australia’s Vamp Music check out this techno stomper "Piano Chat" from Polymath

mp3: Polymath - Piano Chat (Soundcloud)

Santigold - The Keepers (Duke Dumont Pour Femmes Remix)

Duke Dumont handing out his 8 minute unedited remix of Santigold's The Keepers up on his soundcloud in wav! Awesome remix from the Duke.

wav: Santigold - The Keepers (Duke Dumont Pour Femmes Remix) (Soundcloud)

Beltek - Party Voice (Shaun Fiddle Edit)

Shaun Fiddle giving Beltek's Party Voice a makeover with a very tasty outcome!

mp3: Beltek - Party Voice (Shaun Fiddle Edit) (Zippyshare)

14 June, 2012


Its been 5 years since i started Disturbed Beats as a blog, had many a fun time, met lots of great people through it and had the chance to listen to so much good music! What better way to celebrate it than with this awesome tattoo :D designed by Smithe (Poligono), epic skills man!

Massive thanks to every one of you readers around the world, there's still more to come!


Jesse Rose 'Fatman' - DUBSIDED

Theres something that just gets me excited about Dubsided releases, not only that but its from Jesse Rose and his first solo release of 2012! Based around a big swing sample i'm sure from Star Wars but i'm not a big fan of Star Wars so don't take my word for it. If you're not a fan of the swing then you always have the straight up house 'dub'.

Fatman is out on Dubsided 25th June.

Jesse Rose - Fatman

Jesse Rose - Fatman (Dub)

24 May, 2012

Reset! Remixes

I have been sent over 3 remixes from Italian Turbo-Funkers Reset! that they're giving away as free download for a limited time. So grab them now you lucky people.

mp3: Kris Menace - We Are (RESET! Remix) (Box)

mp3: Mustard Pimp - The Amazons (RESET! Remix) (Box)

mp3: Bingo Players - Cry (RESET! Turbofunk Remix) (Box)

15 May, 2012

TAI x Dim Mak – Official Remix Contest!

Dim Mak & Soundcloud are proud to announce their first Remix Partnership; Presenting the TAI – Loose Yourself Remix Contest! They are now offering fans a chance to dissect and recreate TAI’s next major release on Dim Mak Records! Create your own version, with no limits or constraints. The format you want to project is yours for the taking!

Last day to submit entries is June 18th at 12pm PST

Get the Stems: bit.ly/TAI_Remix
Listen to the track: bit.ly/Loose_Yourself

For more information visit: http://dimmakrecs.com/2012/05/tai-x-dim-mak-official-remix-contest/

10 May, 2012

Nelly - The Itchy & Scratchy Show (May Mix)

Here's my latest mix, my first this year and a long time over due. Anyone wondering on the weird title, I had just been struck down by the deadly chicken pox virus so a lot of itching and scratching has gone on over the past two weeks :)

mp3: Nelly - The Itchy & Scratchy Show (May Mix) (Mediafire)

1. Justin Martin - Hood Rich (Nelly Edit)
2. Kid Kombat - Chinga (Shadow Child Remix)
3. Hadouken - Parasite (The Shadowchild Vocal Mix)
4. Zombie Disco Squad - Do It Like This
5. Shadow Child - String Thing
6. Namito - Of Mice & Hares (Pleasurekraft Remix)
7. Jaguar Trax - All I Dream (Hard Edit)
8. Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura Band - Agita (Switch & Sinden Remix)
9. G.Vump - Feeling
10. Sway - Level Up (Fake Blood Mix)
11. Jagerverb - Vega (LeBreton Remix)
12. Nyteowl - Love Is Mine (Boy 8-Bit Remix - Nelly Edit)
13. Detboi - Darkside
14. Drums Of Death - The Jerk (Sinden Remix)
15. Santigold - Disparate Youth (Switch Remix)

20 April, 2012

Major Lazer - Get Free (feat. Amber) VIDEO

Possibly my favourite song ever! It's the new one from Major Lazer that first appeared on their album preview video filmed in Jamaica back in June of last year. This has been on repeat for the past 72 hours and I have no plan on putting a stop to it. If you haven't already you can download the full 320kbps version for FREE by clicking the link below, you also get a Japanese karaoke style remix from Bonde do Role... hmmm.

Link: http://majorlazergetfree.com

Anyone know if the rumours of Switch leaving Major Lazer are true?

18 April, 2012

Steve Gerard - Klick Klack

New shit in from Chicago's Steve Gerard, it's big, it's bad and it's free to all!

mp3: Steve Gerard - Klick Klack (Mediafire)

15 March, 2012

Jesse Rose & Oliver $ - Sample Pleasures Mixtape + Track

Take one dance music taste maker; Jesse Rose, add one of house music's biggest rising stars; Oliver $, give them an acapella album from the 80's, let them remix, edit and come up with some brand spanking new club jackers for the dancefloor, the end result; the 'Sample Pleasures' mixtape! (download here)

The guys have collaborated many times together but this will be the first time the two have embarked on such a massive project that takes in over 8 tracks across 40 mins of mix. Play it Down will be releasing a number of tracks free on various sites online and then keep the massive highlights for release on vinyls in April. Why? because as Oli puts it 'we love making tracks & we love people to hear them'. Jesse say's 'I've been really into all the Hip-Hop Mixtapes coming out in America and felt it was time to give house fans the same love back'.

First up on download is 'Come With Me'.

mp3: Jesse Rose & Oliver $ - Come For Me (Soundcloud)
(right-click to download and save to your computer)

'Come for Me', forthcoming vinyl on Play it Down
Download the entire mixtape here: samplepleasures.net

02 March, 2012

Jack Beats: Dubs For Clubs - Part 2

DUBS FOR CLUBS PART 2: 'Deeper'. This track has been part of every club set Jack Beats have played since back in 2009, when it originally started life as a remix for drum and bass legend TC, for his track "Deep". Never finishing the mix they ended up turning it into an original production a while back, and now deciding to give it away for free, freshly finished off and brought up to date.

mp3: Jack Beats - Deeper (Soundcloud)
(right-click to download and save to your computer)

Enjoyed that then grab Part 1 from Dubs For Clubs 'Make The People' below.

mp3: Jack Beats - Make The People (Soundcloud)
(right-click to download and save to your computer)

29 February, 2012

Bassface (Tony Senghore Remix)

Tony Senghore remix of Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team's "Bassface". Another weird and wonderful remix from Tony and free to all, enjoy that shit!

mp3: Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team - Bassface (Tony Senghore Remix) (Soundcloud)
(right-click to download and save to your computer)

27 February, 2012

Mason - Superimposer FREE ZDS Rmx + Mixtape

Animal Language presents
Out Now on Beatport and iTunes

Remixes inc. Zombie Disco Squad, Harvard Bass and Arveene & MiSK

Support inc. Fake Blood, Switch, Cassius, Digitalism & Alex Metric

mp3: Mason - Superimposer (Zombie Disco Squad Remix) (Soundcloud)
(right-click to download and save to your computer)

mp3: Masons Mixtape

Welcome to the world of 'Superimposer', a down and dirty bump and grindathon from Mason and their label, Animal Language.

Featuring the demented yet soulful vocal hook of Mason's own Coen Berrier and an irrestistable groovy main riff, 'Superimposer' makes for a sweet seventeeth release for Animal Language.

Remixes of 'Superimposer' come from a heavyweight collective including Harvard Bass with a typically squelchy interpretation and Zombie Disco Squad with a stripped down and dirty depth charge of a mix. Animal Language favourites, Arveene & Misk surpass themselves with some clever cut 'n' paste work of the main ingredients coupled with a heavy groove and a few extra wraps worth of energy. Glasgow's Polymath takes things into hands in the air territory with a mix combining some funk assed-breaks, a huge metallic bassline and some utter bonkersness.

Last but never least comes the Refurb, as usual proving some light relief in taking the original into a completely non dance stylee. This time around 'Superimposer' heads for the monastary with a hassock wetting Gregorian chant interpretation complete with a genuine latin translation of the original lyric.
'Superimposer' is taken from the forthcoming album 'Mason presents Animal Language Refurbished' and joins a host of past and future releases and refurbs from the imprint.

Mason 'Superimposer' (Animal Language) - OUT NOW
'Mason presents Animal Language Refurbished' - Released 25th March

15 February, 2012

Disturbed Beats 024 - Mixed by Malente

It's been quite a while since the last post but we come back with a bang! No Brainer Records head honcho Malente steps up for our latest mix and he is asking for a little help from you all to track down the producer of one of the tracks in his mix, here's what he had to say:

"Someone sent me this 'Make that Booty' track, but didn't tag it. People tag your mp3s!!! Now I don't know if it's released, a promo or maybe a demo for my label No Brainer Records. I even tried to Shazam it, but won't work. If one of you guys recognizes the track and knows the artist let me know."

mp3: Disturbed Beats 024 - Mixed by Malente
(right-click to download and save to your computer)

001. Meati - Skinny Dip (Ardalan Remix) [Demento Mori]
002. Super Super - Suave (Konstrict Remix) [Traktor]
003. Worthy - No Cure (Original) [Anabetic]
004. Maelstrom - USSR (Original) [Sound Pellegrino]
005. Light Year - Moderation (Extended Mix) [Bang Gang]
006. Cosmo Nuts - Crazy Love (Jean Nipon Kiss Remix) [Globelle]
007. Eamon Harkin - Rigor Music (Roman Flugel Remix) [Throne Of Blood]
008. Mao - Harken (Original) [Bad Life]
009. Hoshina Anniversary - Chicago (Original) [GND Records]
010. Keith & Supabeatz vs Slap In The Bass - Exhale (Original) [No Brainer Records]
011. ??? - Make That Booty [???]
012. Keith & Supabeatz vs Slap In The Bass - Smoka (Douster Remix) [No Brainer Records]
013. Swick & Tranter - Hocus Pocus (Original) [No Brainer Records]
014. Hostage - Razrr (Original) [Black Butter]
015. Swick - Pasta (Depressed Buttons Remix) [No Brainer Records]
016. Meech - I Want (Original) [Discobelle]
017. Treasure Fingers & Malente - Crusaders (Original) [Defected]
018. Keith & Supabeatz vs Slap In The Bass - Smoka (His Majesty Andre Remix) [No Brainer Records]
019. Savage Skulls & Douster - TRT (Original) [CDR]
020. Sinden feat. Natalie Storm - Pull Up Wheel Up (Original) [Grizzly]

You can grab this mix along with the rest of the mix series from iTunes or the full quality 320 copy from Mediafire.

10 January, 2012

Buraka Som Sistema - Up All Night (Botnek Remix)

Botnek have added some big laserz and mad drumz to the booty bass of Buraka Som Sistema's "Up All Night".

mp3: Buraka Som Sistema - Up All Night (Botnek Remix) (Mediafire)

The 2 acts will play together at Igloofest in Montreal on January 14th.

link: Igloofest promo video

AlunaGeorge - You Know You Like It‏ (Riton Rerub)

The original track by the duo dropped last year and since its release has also been remixed by Lapalux, now Riton has joined in with his massive rerub!

mp3: AlunaGeorge - You Know You Like It‏ (Riton Rerub)
(right-click to download and save to your computer)

AlunaGeorge are currently in the studio working on new material in anticipation of their debut album that is due later in the year.

RESET! - Don't Let The System / Oh Yeah EP + Video

Released yesterday on Cheap Thrills 'Don't Let The System / Oh Yeah' EP from the Italians Reset! Supported by alot of the big players in the game and when you have a video like the one above in my book you're on to a winner!

Get your copy now here.