27 December, 2012

Roy Apron - The Kicks

Hope you all had a great Christmas and are preparing for an awesome New Year, Boy 8-Bit's alter ego Roy Apron is here to help make it that little bit better!

wav: Roy Apron - The Kicks (Soundcloud)

23 December, 2012

Zombie Disco Squad - Pump Up The Valium (Boot)

Great bootleg from ZDS. "Sometimes in Life it's good to have a straight up fun party tune, that's what I tried to do here."

mp3: Zombie Disco Squad - Pump Up The Valium (Boot) (Soundcloud)

22 December, 2012

Boy 8-Bit - We Move By Night

Well aren't we some lucky bloggers this month, free tracks from some of the best producers in the business and now here's another in Boy 8-Bit, I'll let him give you the info on this one...

"To celebrate there being almost exactly 10 years this weekend since the first demo CD changed hands between myself and Fake Blood. Here is a WAV download for my track on his Blood Music label that came out earlier this year.

A touching tale for Christmas! ;)"

wav: Boy 8-Bit - We Move By Night (Soundcloud)

21 December, 2012

Jesse Rose - You're All Over My Head (Switch Remix - Oliver $ Edit)

Cheeky little edit from Oliver $ of Switch's new previously unreleased remix of Jesse Rose's 'You're All Over My Head'.

Just release through Dubsided is 'Switch - The Remixes', grab some of your favourite Switch remixes from over the years including 'Worry About It Later' and 'Hidaway'. Link here.

mp3: Jesse Rose - You're All Over My Head (Switch Remix - Oliver $ Edit) (Soundcloud)

Kimbra - Good Intent (Jesse Rose Remix)

An early Christmas present from Mr Rose, officially released on vinyl through Jesse's club brand Made for the Night on the 14th January and includes an instrumental version!

mp3: Kimbra - Good Intent (Jesse Rose Remix) (Soundcloud)

15 December, 2012

Eats Everything' 'Edits Everything' Essential Mix (15-12-12)

Eats Everything returns to Radio1's Essential Mix just over a year after his debut this time with an Edits Everything special! - every track in the mix is either an Eats Everything re-edit, remix, rework, reebeef, retwix, VIP, or an Eats production!

mp3: Eats Everything' 'Edits Everything' Essential Mix (15-12-12) (Zippyshare)

01. Celeda - Be Yourself (Eats Reebeef) - CDR
02. Loco Dice - Autotox (Eats Unreleased Jumpin Project Reebeef) - CDR
03. Jay Shepheard - Add Arp (Catz n Dogz Remix - Eats Reebeef) - CDR
04. Rodriguez Jr. - Pandora (Eats Reebeef) - CDR
05. No Boundaries - Modular Pursuit (Eats Reebeef) - CDR
06. Carl Craig - Parking Garage Politics (Eats Reebeef) - CDR
07. X-Press 2 - Muzik Xpress (Eats Everything Rework) - Skint
08. Justin Martin & Eats Everything - Feather Fight - Hypercolour
09. LB Lynam - Get Things Straight (Eats Slight Reebeef) - CDR
10. M1 - Freak The Frequency (Eats Rework) - CDR
11. Green Velvet - UFO's (Eats Reebeef) - CDR
12. Jacques Da Booty - Saturday Love (Eats Rework) - CDR
13. Boddika & Joy Orbison - &Fate (Eats Reebeef) - CDR
14. Basement Jaxx - Flylife Xtra (Eats Rework) - CDR
15. CJ Bolland - Sugar Is Sweeter (Armands Drum n Bass Mix - Eats Rework) - CDR
16. WeRobots - WR001 (Eats Reebeef) - CDR
17. Major Lazer - Get Free (Eats Rework) - CDR
18. Tripmastaz - Roll Dat (Eats Reebeef) - CDR
19. Lil' Mo' Yin Yang - Reach (Eats Rework) - CDR
20. Eats Everything - The Withywood Walk - Dirytbird
21. Eats Everything & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinasours - Lion, The Lion - CDR
22. Justin Martin & ARDALAN - Wheelgunner (Eats Slight Reebeef) - Dirtybird
23. Breach & Dark Sky - The Click (Eats Everything Rework) - Naked Naked
24. Eats Everything - Trubble VIP - CDR
25. Eats Everything - Vertigo (Eats Flacid Chunder VIP) - CDR
26. K├Âlsch - Opa (Eats Reebeef - Blaze My Beat Acapella) - CDR
27. Paul Simon - Graceland (Eats Secret Garden Party VEEEYEPEE) - CDR
28. Martin Dawson - Everythings Gonna Be Alright - Recovery House
29. Justin Martin - Ruff Stuff (Eats Everything ReRuff) - Dirtybird
30. Chicken Lips - He Not In (Eats Everything' Chicken T*** Rewix) - Defected

14 December, 2012

Moody - Freeki Mutha Fucker (Catz 'n Dogz Edit)

Great edit from duo Catz 'n Dogz of classic house track 'Freeki Mother Fucker' by Moody and due to someone pressing this edit to 12" without their permission they have decided to give it away for free... is it wrong to thank whoever this was?

mp3: Moody - Freeki Mutha Fucker (Catz 'n Dogz Edit) (Soundcloud)

13 December, 2012

Duke Dumont - The Giver (Jesse Rose Remix)

Another take on 'The Giver' by Duke Dumont this time from Jesse Rose.

mp3: Duke Dumont - The Giver (Jesse Rose Remix) (Soundcloud)

12 December, 2012

Boy 8-Bit Live Set @ Blood Music Fabric Room One (21-09-2012)

The long awaited set from Boy 8-Bit @ Fabric back in September for Fake Blood's album launch / Blood Music night.

mp3: Boy 8-Bit @ Blood Music Fabric Room One (21/09/2012) (Soundcloud)

"A recording of my set from the Blood Music Night in Room One at Fabric on 21st of September 2012.

Night was already quite banging by this point so decided to keep it upbeat and dancey! For some reason, even though I knew it was being recorded, I still decided to play a bunch of rough untested demos and edits, as you do... Perhaps some of these will come out in some form in 2013.."

1. Zinc - Go In (Boy 8-Bit Remix)
2. Duke Dumont - Thunder Clap
3. Charlie XCX - Dancing in the Darkness (Woz Remix)
4. Fake Blood - All In The Blink (Boy 8-Bit Remix WIP)
5. Zulu - INCLEH
6. FIS-T - Night Hunter / Boy 8-Bit - Machines
7. Boy 8-Bit - Action Break Demo
8. Boy 8-Bit - It Don't Matter V1
9. Boy 8-Bit - Yeah On It
10. Joy-O - Sicko Cell (B8B Quick Acid Tool)
11. Boddika - Acid Jackson
12. Boy 8-Bit - That Cliched Acid Track
13. Bodzin and Huntemann - Rubin (EDIT)
14. Boy 8-Bit - Black Satanic Mysticism
15. Boy 8-Bit - We Move By Night
16. Boy 8-Bit - The Keep
17. Special Request - Lolita (Warehouse Dub)
18. Dj Hyper Active - Wide Open (Len Faki Edit)
19. Rivet - Grifter
20. Unspecified Enemies - Multi Ordinal Tracking Unit
21. Untold - Motion The Dance

11 December, 2012

Yuna - Lullabies (Prince Club Hydrocodone Mix)

Simply beautiful remix from Prince Club, for me in the same category as Major Lazers 'Get Free'... hairs on end type shit.

mp3: Yuna - Lullabies (Prince Club Hydrocodone Mix) (Soundcloud)

Like what you hear? get plenty more over at their Soundcloud.

10 December, 2012

Artful Dodger - Please Don't Turn Me On (Disclosure Remix)

Disclosure are massive right now and this remix of Artful Dodger's 'Please Don't Turn Me On' featuring Lifford Shillingford is no different. Up on their soundcloud for a limited time so grab it before it's gone.

Disclosure are currently on tour, head to their site for dates in your area. www.disclosureofficial.com

mp3: Artful Dodger - Please Don't Turn Me On (Disclosure Remix) (Soundcloud)

07 December, 2012

Duke Dumont - The Giver (Birdee "It's All Gone Disco" rebuild)

Wow! have I really been away for almost 2 months, sorry about that people I've been in my own little world.

Anyway here's a disco-bootleg of Duke Dumont's track 'The Giver' by Italian TurboFunker 'Birdee'. One of the biggest tracks of 2012 all disco'd up for free download, here's what Birdee had to say:

'Duke Dumont's The Giver is one of my favourite tracks of 2012 - I love the vibe of it and the vocal is incredibly intense. I liked the remix package, but I thought a disco rework would have complemented it perfectly...so here it is. Just a little homage to a great producer and a great tune. Hope you enjoy it!'

mp3: Duke Dumont - The Giver (Birdee "It's All Gone Disco" rebuild) (Soundcloud)
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