28 December, 2007

Goodbye 2007, we'll miss you!

With 2007 almost over we heard a hell of a lot of cracking tracks in that short space of time, here's just a few of my favourites:

Claude VonStroke - Peanut Butter Jelly Time (zShare)
Hijack - Can't Touch This (zShare)
Feist - My Moon My Man (Boys Noize Remix) (zShare)
Style of Eye feat. 7k - They Know (Phonogenic PFD Mix) (zShare)
Mighty Dub Katz - Magic Carpet Ride 07' (Claude VonStroke Remix) (zShare)
Switch - Wait Till I Show You This (zShare)
To My Boy - Model (Sinden Remix) (zShare)
Paul McCartney - Temporary Secretary (Radio Slave 2004 Edit) (zShare)

As you can probably tell the last one isn't from 07 but it's so good I just thought i'd include it anyway.

Support these artists and head over to Juno, Juno Download, Phonica, Beatport or any other online shop to buy them in better quality.

21 December, 2007

End Of O Seven Mix - Dan M

Dan M, a Copenhagen based DJ and club promoter got in touch with his latest mix, it's fidgety, wobbly, dark, and everything else I want to hear in a mix and I think you will find it's well worth an hour and 20 minutes of your time (give yourself a bit longer than that as you will have this on again and again).

He also has a blog over at 7inch, go check it out + on another note, January/February 08' sees the opening of Dan M's Shop/Agency, INDOE which as well as stocking designer brands will be the home of the INDOE clothing label. (Free Tees to my address please :D)

Dan M - End Of O Seven Mix (zShare)


1. Blaqstarr - Shake it to the ground (Cloude Von Stroke remix)
2. Justin Martin - Ghetto train (Christian Martin remix)
3. Consistent - Got to be
4. Burial - Archangel (Boy 8 Bit simple remix)
5. Def Inc. - Waking the dread (Switch remix)
6. Dave Basek, Phil Smart - Smoke your self (Consistent remix)
7. Rufcut - Fazzjunk
8. SMD - Hustler (Jesse Rose remix)
9. Riva Starr - Badassbass
10. Prztz - Nutdisco (Duckbeats dub remix)
11. Plastic operator - Why Dont you (Jesse Rose & Oliver $ remix)
12. Harry Axt - One way ticket
13. Wongo - 2 b side
14. Catz n Dogz - Fixation
15. Dejonka, Phunklaique - Jewelcase
16. Greenbeam & Leon - No legal (Jeik remix)
17. Monty luke, Tasho - Paranoid
18. Shinedoe - Feel the space (Julian Chapter remix)

20 December, 2007

The Quietboy

The Quietboy dropped us an email a while back with one of his tracks but I forgot all about it until now, I've checked out his MySpace and I must say i'm loving his work, including the video below.

The Quietboy - the veikka story

This stuff is far from what I normally listen to or play but I'm really getting into it and can't wait for more.

The Quietboy - I Have Lost Some (zShare)

"I Have Lost Some" will be released in February on ESP with a bangin' fidget remix by Nic Sarno. (some awesome vocals in this track)

The Quietboy - Hard Times (zShare)

This track was free on his MySpace page, just thought I'd share it to :)

Find more Quietboy tracks from JunoDownload, DjDownload & MOSDownloads

14 December, 2007

His Majesty Andre

Some very french filtered sounding stuff now from the Italian 'His Majesty Andre', think Daft Punk a good few years ago... everyone loves Daft Punk so if you do then you'll love His Majesty Andre too!

Here's a new a track of his called "NRG555" + his remix of Zoot Woman's "We Won't Break".

His Majesty Andre - NRG555 (zShare)

Zoot Woman - We Won't Break (His Majesty Andre Too Late Remix) (zShare)

Head over to his MySpace for more tracks, especially his bitches remix of "Pimp My Funk" which is available from iTunes.

13 December, 2007

Urban Plastic

Madox's had his debut album "Urban Plastic" released back in October on Mantra Breaks and he has passed over a free track for all you disturbed people to download, it's a remix of his first single taken from his album

Check out his album available right now on Beatport, Djdownload and iTunes

Madox : Urban Plastic

01 Intro-Tuvuk
02 Plastic Fantastic
03 Heel Of God
04 The Funk!
05 Cabeleira
06 El Magnifico feat Cabal & DG
07 Edmundo
08 Hypnotic Funk (Re-Rub)
09 Dope On Strings
10 Check Electro
11 Duckalicious
12 Le Plaisir Analogique
13 Trip 1

He also sent over a track from his Bootylicious series, it's a jacking refresh of Thomas Bangalter's "Spinal Scratch"


The man that is Riva Starr (Dirtybird and Frontroom fame) has been in touch and sent over an unreleased track of his called "Crazy Frog", mad sounds going on all over the place in this one, great stuff!

He was also kind enough to send a bootleg mixset recorded live in China @ Club Bank back in September with cdj's, fx and loop machines...


01 Riva Starr - Thizzle [Frontroom]
02 Worthy - Crack El (Justin Martin's Stoopir Crunky - Ill Hyphy Remix)
03 Speculum - The Menace (Mike Monday Mix) [Twisted Frequency] (Tool)
04 John Tejada & Justin Maxwell - Mind Bend [Palette]
05 Einzelkind, Meat - Bonus Beats [Get Physical]
06 Riva Starr - Wtf [Dirtybird]
07 Pecan - Pecan (Tool)
08 Tricky Disco - Tricky Disco (Martin Bros Mix)
09 Underworld - Globe (Jesse Rose Mix) [Underworldlive]
10 Bart B More - Basement Beats [Cdr]
11 John Dalhback - Sting [Pickadoll]
12 Catz & Dogz (3 Channels) - Fixation [Dirtybird]
13 30hz - Daddio (Trevor Loveys Mix) [Lot49]
14 Pirate Robot Midget - It's My Beat Now (Riva Starr Mix) [Hell Yeah]
15 Claude Von Stroke - Who's Afraid Of Detroit (Tanner Ross Mix) [Dirtybird] (Tool)
16 Santos - The Echobox [Mantra Breaks]

There's big hype on this 'Starr's' name at the minute with releases on two of the biggest house labels around and with his remix of Amand Van Helden's "Je T'Aime" to be released soon on Southern Fried the hype is gona get that little bit bigger...

Head over to Beatport for his latest releases including his Bubble EP on Dirtybird exclusive to the site.

08 December, 2007

When Saints Go Machine

Now i've been sitting on this for a while now but it's just to good to keep to myself, i'm a big fan of Nic Sarno's stuff and his remix of "You Should Be Someone Else" is just fucking awesome! I don't have any other info on it at the minute so i'll just leave you with the download...

December's Chart

Disturbed's December Chart

1. Armand Van Helden - Je T'Aime (Switch Remix) / Southern Fried
2. Speculum - Nympho (Mowgli Remix) / Used & Abused
3. Consistent - Got To Be / TFE
4. Hot Chip - Ready For The Floor (Jesse Rose Remix) / EMI
5. When Saints Go Machine - You Should Be Someone Else (Nic Sarno Remix)
6. Off The Cuff - JK (Kernal Pier's 'Drop It' Remix) / SideTrak
7. Tocadisco - Shrine (Crookers Remix) / Superstar
8. The Young Lovers - Love You Madly / Loungin
9. 3 Is A Crowd - Guns
10. Catz N Dogz - Fixation (Worthy's Lost Rythmn Mix) / Dirtybird

28 November, 2007

Congorock - Exodus

There seems to be quite a lot of good sounds coming out of Italy at the minute and this is no different, lots of fidgety noises going on in this and for some reason parts of it reminds me of an old trance tune Judge Jules used to play years and years ago called "Red Alien"... I think. Anyway this is Rocco's latest track since featuring with the Bloody Beetroots on their track "Bluto", if you like your fidget a bit harder then you will love this!

Check his pages out for more info:

Remixes from 3isaCrowd and Digital Primate will be poping up very soon too so keep an eye out, and while i'm on the subject of 3isaCrowd head over to their myspace and get a free download of their new track "Guns", you know you want to!

...or if your lazy like me then just click the picture below :)

15 November, 2007

The Young Lovers

For those of you who don't know, The Young Lovers is yet another side project of the ever impressive Joshua 'Herve' Harvey, this man must go by a different name every day of the week!

Anyway his new 4 track EP "Love You Madly" is about to drop on Loungin' Recordings with with 2 original productions, a Dj Fame remix & a collaboration with Trevor Loveys. His 2 original productions surface more of his influences & ideas and shows another side to the Josh we all know and love.

But here's the Dj Fame remix for you all to check out and then buy the full EP here or here when it's released next week.

The Young Lovers - Low Down Groove (Dj Fame Remix) (zShare)

03 November, 2007

Nelly's Top 10 and 1 for Good Luck Chart

November Chart

1. When Saints Go Machine - You Should Be Someone Else (Nic Sarno Remix)
2. The Young Lovers - Low Down Groove (Dj Fame Remix) / Loungin
3. Remi Nicole - Rock N Roll (Lee Mortimer Remix) / Universal Music
4. Alphabeat - Fantastic 6 (Radioclit Remix) / EMI
5. Bumblebeez - Dr. Love (Crookers Remix) / Modular
6. Edu K - Gatas Gatas Gatas (Crookers Remix) / Man Recordings
7. Kernal Pier - What's Up Girl / SideTrak Records
8. Herve - Cheap Thrills / Dubsided
9. Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler (Jesse Rose Remix) / V2
10. Timbaland - Way I Are (Haydn Haydn Remix)
11. Jaymo - Tuned In Live (Original Mix) / Rising Trax

01 November, 2007

Spin Laden

Dj Spin Laden, a 19yr old all the way from Mexico has given me 2 of his mixes, the first is a 30 minute full on fidget mix he did for Isa GT's blog and the other is a 3/4 of an hour mix he did with Dj Teenage Wolf who form the collective 'Cul&Sweet'. Both are excellent mixes and worthy of a good listen. Nice to see/hear the fidget sound is global!!

Jaimie Fanatic - Don't Act Like You Know Me
Hi Jack - Listen Up
Edu K - Gatas Gatas Gatas (Crookers Remix)
Bart B. More - Make Some Noise
Duckbeats - Hip & Posthumous
Kazey & Bulldog - I Joke On You
Clark Able - Lemon Head (Crookers Remix)
Dj Dig - Paramount (Brabe Remix)

Starski & Hutch - East To The West
Dj Assault & Dj Godfather - Freaky Bitches
Kazey & Bulldog - Big Truck
Tetine - Horny (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)
Dusty Kid - The Cat (Crookers Euro Crunk Remix)
Example - So Many Roads (Herve Remix)
Full Phat - Did Anyone Know (Detboi Remix)
Bart B. More - Basement Beats
Foamo - Moving It Over Here
Rene Van Munster - Wrap It Up
The Shoes - America (Brodinski Remix)
The Fugges - Ready or Not (Drop The Lime Remix)
Scanners - Raw (Stdjs Remix)
Edu K - Rave Zombie

28 October, 2007

Haydn Haydn

Now if I was to label this remix "Timbaland - Way I Are (Switch Remix)", after listening to it you wouldn't dispute it, but it's not a Switch remix it's from a guy called 'Haydn Haydn' and it's excellent, I'd say on par with the Crookers remix. The looping of the vocals is spot on and works great with the jackin' beats!

Timbaland - Way I Are (Haydn Haydn Remix) (zShare)

Head over to his MySpace's to give him some feedback on this first-rate remix and to check out some of his other work.

Haydn Haydn
Haydn Haydn Music

Fantastic 6 (Radioclit Remix)

I can't tell you how much I love this remix, it's been on constant repeat for the last 2 days and it gets better with every play. Very different to the fidget I normally listen to but every bit as good, everyone needs to be playing this out! Not sure of a release date but check Radioclit's MySpace for updates. Thanks Discobelle for introducing me to this beauty and thanks Radioclit for making it!

26 October, 2007

New Sarno!

Nic Sarno has been in touch again with another new track, this time its 'Knock Track'. You may or may not have seen heard this up on his MySpace player but he has said it's probably not getting a vinyl release, available for free download from ESP's website soon along with some more fresh beats!

Nic Sarno - Knock Track (zShare)

21 October, 2007

More Dutch Madness!

I posted some tracks of Djago a little while ago and he's back with more, this lad is coming up with some excellent productions faster than england let in goals...

Djago - Keep Funkin (Original Mix) (zShare)

17 October, 2007

Hold on to your nuts!

Bootlickers sent me through a few tracks from their new EP to give us all a little taste of what's to come from them, and let me tell you now, it's looking good!

Brabe and René Van Munster started producing music around a year ago after Brabe introduced René to some early Dubsided sounds (mostly Solid Groove/Switch remixes, Jesse Rose and Speaker Junk). Fooling around with the production software and experimenting with all different kinds of styles they finally got into house production. After getting some productions done separately with support along the way from the likes of Jacob London, Lee Mortimer, The Bulgarian, Oliver $, Nic Sarno, Bryan Cox and Crookers they decided as a side project to team up once in a while to form Bootlickers!

Bootlickers EP is out 19th November on Down South Music, South Africa which will contain 2 Bootlicker tracks (below) and 1 each from Brabe (Keep On) and René (Wrap It Up)

They also have solo releases coming up so keep an eye out!

06 October, 2007

New Residency

Got a new residency starting tonight @ the newly refurbished Onyx Rooms in Middlesbrough, looking forward to playing some dirty jackin' fidget! If your in the area then get yourself down should be good fun. Not to keen on the name of the night but you can't have everything haha... hopefully that will change once we get our own way.

04 October, 2007

Take a right & right again...

And that takes you to the Jesse Rose remix of Soho Dolls "Right & Right Again", which was released back in September, the remix is usual Jesse style, typically brilliant! Also on the release is the original + video and a Trash The Rental Crystal Castles remix (which they are giving away free on their site just for registering your details).

Soho Dolls - Right & Right Again (Jesse Rose Remix) (zShare)

Buy the CD here

Soho Dolls album "Ribbed Music for a Numb Generation" was also released last month, buy it here

03 October, 2007

More More More...

Sorry again for my lack of updates recently, haven't got an excuse just haven't got round to it. Anyway Albi from '3 Is A Crowd' has sent over not 2 now but you guest it.. 3 new strong tracks, if you want info on 3IAC then check out the previous post on them from september.

13 September, 2007

Fidget Makes Me Happy!

With me and my love of all things fidget, I really don't know how this man slipped through my fingers as I added him on myspace some unknown time ago, but luckily I revisited his page last night and got in touch with him. Nic Sarno, DJ/Producer and co founder of ESP Records was kind enough to send me over a track from his new EP "The Sample Truth" which is out before the end of September on his ESP Records, downloadable from iTunes, Juno Download and other digital stores.

Also to come from Nic Sarno is his remix of Clark Able's 'Lemon Lead' which is coming out on ESP in October in digital format and limited vinyl edition, which also includes remixes from HiJack and Crookers. A new EP on London Based 'On The Brink Records' which will be dropping soon and a remix of 'You Should Be Someone Else' by When Saint Go Machine, also coming soon.

Be sure to check out Nic's MySpace with plenty more fidgety business going on...

12 September, 2007

All Mashed Up!

Mash the dj/producer/label owner/radio broadcaster aka Martyn Henderson has been djing for 17 years and has released various tracks on labels like Dirt Crew, Def Drive, Blue Black, Glasgow Underground and his own Tracktion and Distracktion labels which have been played by the likes of DJ Sneak, Freaks, Switch, Basement Jaxx, Funk D Void, Slam, Laurent Garnier, Mish Mash, Freeform Five, Mylo, Rob Mello, Stuart Patterson, Slam, DJT, Harri and Jonny Fiasco to name but a few. He has djd from Paris to Prague, Brazil to Slovenia, New York to Inverness, Ibiza to Russia, Berlin to Brussells Mash has played at clubs like Turnmills, Bugged Out, Cream, 93 Feet East, The Cross, Come Shake the Whole, Sub Club, and Home and played alongside djs from Justin Robertson, Freeform Five, James Lavelle, Mylo, Adam Freeland, Josh Wink, Switch, Ralph Lawson, Basement Jaxx, Tom Middleton, Derrick May, Stacey Pullen, Pete Tong, Erol Alkan, Stanton Warriors, Adam Freeland, The Chemical Brothers, Layo and Bushwacka, Weatherall, Felix da Housecat, Slam etc. and alongside bands like C.S.S., Hot Chip, Freeform Five, and New Young Pony Club. In May Mash played in New York for Tartan Week as part of the amazing Roots to the Future project alongside Laura McGhee and Tiger Style, roots2thefuture and recently was over djing in Brazil. Plus being the dj at after parties for Basement Jaxx, Jamiriquai, Vivienne Westwood and Matthew Williamson. In the past he has played at many festivals including Rock Ness, Homelands, Essential Selection Tour, T in the Park, Groove Armadas Love Box Weekender, Krakrock and Leffingeleuren in Belgium and The Wee Chill, and this summer has played festivals like T in the Park, The Wee Chill on the Sub Club stage, Krakrock, Connect, Rockness etc, check his gig diary on myspace for updates.

He has sent me through 2 tracks for you all to download and enjoy!

This has been getting plays from Freaks, Freeform Five, Twitch, Mylo, Jon Pleased to name but a few from a limited mailout.

Also this is from my compactdisco project, it is a bootleg of Metro Area and Prince. It is available on a very limited vinyl cdr from five20east. This has had plays from The Unabombers, Yousef, Mark Moore, Freeform Five, Chris Coco...

11 September, 2007

3 Is A Crowd

While I was on a 'relaxing' holiday in Ibiza Albi from 3 Is A Crowd sent me over some of their tracks for me to share with my blog world, I was impressed. 3 Is A Crowd is Albi (Dj Scotti), Ivo (Dj Giga) and Francesco (Dj Froz), hailing from Italy their sound isn't to far off early Crookers stuff.

Albi: I wanted to introduce my terrible voice friend mino to the world of vocals, a joke, but then i turned it into this nasty ghetto tech groove...a crunk mix will come too...

Albi: We provided a fidget version of the almighty nirvana's "come as you are".

Albi: A dj friendly edit that turned the original brilliant track into a longer house ride with some mid 90's flavour in it with those Prodigy samples.

Albi: We remixed the funk mundial sinden track in a grimey style with heavy basslines and added in this new version a squeaky synth too...

Also check out 3 Is A Crowd's MySpace from more crunk bombs! including 'Bullshit' and 'Nchlinez'

07 September, 2007

I am not dead..

it's true, i'm still here, just got back from 2 weeks in ibiza. I've got loads of new tracks sent through so will be posting them over the weekend...

Also on another note, I have my first track getting released very soon on SideTrak Records, "Kernal Pier - Oi". Will have more info on release dates and stuff soon but I do know it will be available to download from many sites including DJ Downloads, MixMag, Track It Down, Beatport and some others... It's an exciting time for "The Kernal" : ) so please show your surport and grab yourself a copy when it's available!

Listen to the track at Kernal's MySpace

10 August, 2007

Switch Rocks M'bro!

Switch was in Middlesbrough for the first time at the end of last month, and what a fuckin' night it was.. so good that he even ended up back at a house party with us.. unfortuantly by that time my camera had ran out of battery, call me a lier but I know it's true!

anyway here's the video's and pictures from the night.

08 August, 2007


Straaatch, a French Dj/Producer from Marseille (real name Fabrice Delcambre) recently sent me over some of his bouncin' tracks, sure to get any dancefloor.. ermm.. dancin', haha anyway here's a little about himself in his own words:

"My various and varied influences take root in the heart of the hip hop, and the various ramifications go and carress the electronic gimmicks of the French and other touches. A foot in the rave party, but always turned towards the new current electronic landscape, my music is groovy, a little "cheesy", but always effective on a dance floor. I rejected for a long time the "all numeric", I used, synthetizers and others grooveboxs, I passed to computerized music, which really boosted up my productions."

Straaatch's MySpace

He also organises little event's and runs a radio show on a student radio with a little group of friends, they call themselves 'Electrochoc' check out their MySpace for more details.

Now for the music...

StrAAAtcH - Sweet & Dirty (zShare)
StrAAAtcH - All Roaaad Finition (zShare)
StrAAAtcH - Crazy Creak (zShare)

31 July, 2007

Dutch Fidget House!!

Now here's a lad I have been speaking to for a while now, he's called Ricardo Amanupunnjo from Boxmeer, close to Nijmegen in The Netherlands, he goes under the name 'Djago', is 18 years of age and is already producing some cracking tracks. He's really into his dutch house and jackin' stuff, until he got in touch with me I was unaware of 'dutch house', turns out I really like it!

He's also been kind enough to send me over one of his latest tracks 'Scratch Up The Music' and his latest mixtape so check them out below..


Benny Royal - It's On You
Gregor Salto - Mexer
Madskillz - Rip It Up (Sidney Samson Remix)
Etienne De Champfleury - Losing Control (Benny Royal Remix)
Benny Royal - Dance Electric
BR & Robert Feness - Keep On Movin
Benny Royal - Would You Know (Original Mix)
Bas Kunnen - Back Da Funk (Benny Royal & Ludaphunk Remix)
Jaymen - Ooh La Lishious (Skitzofrenix Remix)
Mr V - Put Your Drinks On (Bob Sinclar Remix)
Unknown - Unknown

Head over to Djago's MySpace and or Website to listen to some of his other tracks.

Also check out Buiza's (Buitenlandse Zaken aka Foreign Affairs) MySpace and Website

UPDATE (5th August): Bonus Track

30 July, 2007

Pictures & Video's from Naked @ Rouge with Jesse Rose

Jesse Rose was in Middlesbrough last Saturday @ Rouge for the night 'Naked', and what a night it was!! here's a few video's and lots of pics :D

I Love The Colonel

Bloody hell, how quick is time flying these days!! 2 weeks since I posted last?! Anyway I've been busy getting to grips with Ableton Live producing my own tracks, finished my first one at the end of last week and here it is:

Kernal Pier - Oi (zShare)

Also check out my new MySpace page for future tracks.

15 July, 2007

Off The Cuff

I was given a load of tracks from a mate of mine Karl Frampton, he is 1/3 of “Off The Cuff”, a production team hailing from the North East of England, the other members are Si Liliker and Andy Martin. They DJ and produce quality soulful house right through to quirky electro, worthy of any discerning ear. With previous tracks released on labels such as Silocassa and Soulfuric Records it is their latest releases that are catching my eyes and getting excellent support from all the big DJ’s including Jonathan Ulysess, Buckley, 20/20 Vision, PBR, Street Gang and Yousef to name a few! “This Moment” is a very strong electro track and “I’m Not Hanging Around” featuring Basement Jaxx’s vocalist Katherine Ellis which will be featured on the v2 Compilation album at the end of the year!

Here are some of their recent releases on Sidetrak Records:

"SCREAMING DUB" released 11th March 07
"THIS MOMENT" released 20th April 07
"STREET FREEK" released 24th June 07
"PENGI" released 29th June 07

All above tracks are available here as well as many other online music sites. Buy them all now!!

Off The Cuff’s Upcoming Shows
18th Aug 2007 - NAKED @ Rouge with Oliver Lang & Off The Cuff
29th Aug 2007 - Itaca, IBIZA
31st Aug 2007 - Viper Rooms, IBIZA
1st Sept 2007 - NAKED @ Rouge with Seamus Haji ‘Big Love’ & Karl Frampton aka Off The Cuff
4th Sept 2007 - Pacha Funky Room, IBIZA
15th Sept 2007 - FUTURE @ Rouge with Ralph Lawson (20/20 Vision) & Denney. Area 2: NAKED with J Herd, Off The Cuff & Mr. Pedro
29th Sept 2007 - NAKED @ Rouge with Steve Lawler & Off The Cuff
6th Sept 2007 - NAKED @ Rouge with Off The Cuff & The Whoxton Whores

Next year see’s Off The Cuff touring the far east, Australia and New Zealand starting April.

Now here's a couple of their tracks for your listening pleasure:

Off The Cuff - This Moment (zShare) buy here
Off The Cuff - Switch It On (Sampler) (zShare) - Two minute sampler, release date unknown. If you like the switch sounding shit then you'll love this!

Also check out their MySpace and website.

13 July, 2007

Another day, another interview - Today, Jesse Rose

Jesse Rose comes to Middlesbrough's Rouge on Saturday 21st July so I thought it would be fitting for another interview... think i'll have to chill out on this interviewing lark for a bit or there'll be no one left for me to pester soon! Although I must add Jesse did say "great questions, you should work for a mag." so any music magazine people reading this then my email address is to the right ;) interview is below.Nelly: You have worked with many producers, Dave Taylor, Trevor Loveys, Jamie Anderson to name a few, most seem to be friends? Is this what it is like, just a big bunch of mates who all just happen to be top draw producers?

Jesse: Yeah seems that way, I grew up with Jamie, met Dave & Trevor when I moved back to London, we all get on so it just fell in place to produce together. Nothing better than getting drunk and making beats.

Nelly: You have way too many releases to name them all, a couple of my favourites are “All Over My Head” and “Warehouse Shit” that track just fucks with your head, and I love it! But which 2 have given you the most satisfaction and why?

Jesse: A-sided means a lot to me because it was my first record I heard getting plays in loads of clubs and “How Y’all Funk, well that’s just Dave & me having mad fun in the studio.

Nelly: I was in attendance when you played Shindig’s 15th Birthday Party @ Digital in Newcastle, my first time of seeing you DJ, and you did not disappoint… but was that not the hottest/sweatiest room you’ve ever played in??

Jesse: Nearly, although Panoramabar comes very close..

Nelly: You make your first appearance in Middlesbrough (I think) on the 21st July at a night called Naked @ Rouge, when you come to a place/town you’ve never played before do you do a bit of research or just play what Jesse Rose wants to play and then go with the crowd?

Jesse: If I know the resident then I have a clue but I can normally get the vibe on the night, just roll with the crowd.

Nelly: Where do you get your inspiration from for your own tracks, and when your remixing a song how do you make it your own?

Jesse: I get inspired by everything outside of house (with the exception of Dave ‘Solid Groove’) like hip-hop, grime, folk, hyphy, all those new genres made by 18 year old kids.

Nelly: With production and remix work going into overdrive lately, what is next for Jesse Rose?

Jesse: I just started work on solo album, it’s been a long time coming and I’m really excited by the whole project. Just finishing my final remixes before I fully focus on the album so look out for mixes of Underworld, Simian Mobile Disco & Armand Van Helden coming soon. Lots of bits coming on the labels; the Deadset album & tracks by Oliver $, Riva Starr & Sinister Industry on Made to Play & Front Room.

Nelly: Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions and I shall be seeing you on the 21st!!

12 July, 2007

Hervé Interview

His man has to be one of the hottest UK producer's at the minute and is showing no signs of fading away with new remixes and production work surfacing almost every other day. Anyway enough of me trying to be smart, here's the interview..

Nelly: Tell us a bit about yourself, where you’re from, how/why you got into the world of music?

Hervé: My name is Joshua Harvey aka Hervé, Speaker Junk (with Trevor Loveys), Count of Monte Cristal, Dead Soul Brothers (with Seba), Young Lovers and Voodoo Chilli. I’m 27 from Essex, lived in London for many years. When I was a kid I used to make mix tapes of pop music for the family holidays an stuff so it must have been in me from day 1. Music making kinda started when I had my first drum lesson at 8 or 9 and got my hands on an atari with cubase keyboard and a drum machine.

Nelly: Out of all your remix/production work, which has given you the most satisfaction and which has been the biggest pain in the arse to complete?

Hervé: Princess Superstar “Licky” and New Young Pony Club “Ice Cream” are both remixes I loved making and loving playing cos I think they are fresh and maybe even have a hint of uniqueness. I like the fact that people get my Roisin Murphy remix, just goes to show people are up for it! Good Books “The Illness” was a nightmare, it took me so long to do which is unusual cos I work pretty fast, some trax just don’t flick a switch, it was a tough one, but I finally pulled it off!!!

Nelly: You have done a fair few remixes in your time but who would give you the most pleasure of remixing, and why?

Hervé: Hhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm tuff one, I can give u a list of some of the people i’d like to have remixed: Led Zepplin, Cypress Hill, Neptunes, Doors, Muddy Waters, ZZ Top, Coctuea Twins.

Nelly: You have many different aliases which you use to reflect your many loves in music, if you had to choose one, which would you keep, and why?

Hervé: Gotta be Hervé, cos that’s where it all stems from.

Nelly: You have a very distinctive sound, did you take weeks, months to come up with it or was it something that happened by mistake?

Hervé: It just evolved over years out of the desire to do something fresh and new, I had been doing my electro label Tomorrow Records and became disillusioned with all that, I wanted to do something that stood out, was odd, but a lot of fun, so I’m very glad u think I did.

Nelly: I am constantly typing “Hervé” in google and all online record shops just to keep up with all your new releases, give me a head start and tell me what’s round the corner for Hervé and all your other aliases?

Hervé: Dead Soul Brothers Double Pack 8 trax about to drop-my "live" thing with my man Seba singing and writing with me, starting to get our live shit ready.

Speaker Junk re-release of “Scratch Up The Music” and “Run The Track” with new club bangers as well.

Count of Monte Cristal & Sinden album!!!!

Hervé new EP and album (at some point!!!!!!!)

The Young Lovers, “My Headphones and Holidays” album coming on Loungin, I love it, first EP drops in September.

Voodoo Chilli EP is just about to drrrrrrrop with Erol Alkan remix and 2 new trax!

Nelly: Hervé’s current top 10 tune’s?

Hervé: In no particular order:

Hervé - Touch Me I’m Slick
Count of Monte Cristal and Sinden - Afro Jack
Chemical Brothers - Salmon Dance (Hervé Remix)
Ghost Frequency – Nightmare (Speaker Junk Remix)
Speaker Junk - Born Wild
Hervé - Cheap Thrills
Hervé - ? (new one with no name!)
Charlene Dance –Mr. DJ (Speaker Junk Remix)
Dead Soul Brothers -Yeah Yeah Yeah (Dead Soul Records)
Buraka Som Systema – Yah (Count of Monte Cristal ‘Ghetto’ Remix)
Count of Monte Cristal and Sinden feat. Kid Sister – Beeper

Thanks for taking time out to answer some questions for Disturbed Beats, don’t wait too long to get up to the north east and play in Middlesbrough!

Hervé has also sent through a 7 track sampler of his and Seba’s Deal Soul Brothers Album, out soon.

Dead Soul Brothers (7 Track Sampler)

Check out a few of his pages below:
Hervé MySpace
Count of Monte Cristal MySpace
Speaker Junk MySpace
Deal Soul Brothers MySpace

11 July, 2007

Interview with The Bulgarian

I recently got in touch with The Bulgarian who I first came across on MySpace, I then seen his tracks pop up on a number of blogs and none disappointed so I thought, fuck it I'll interview him, so here it is people!

Nelly: Now let me get this straight, you’re originally from Bulgaria then you moved to Cape Town, South Africa then finally moved back to Sofia, Bulgaria? How does the nightlife compare in both capitals?

The Bulgarian: Yes, I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria but moved to Africa with my parents when i was 8. I go back to Sofia regularly as i have family up here but i'm not moving back anny time soon. Actually i'm moving to London in August. As for the party scenes, it's much the same for underground music in both capitals, quite small and not too much happening, hehe. Cape Town has a very strong local rock band culture, but a techno party might only pull 200 people. Sofia on the other hand has massive commercial parties with big name djs and huge pop and rock concerts quite often but again, the underground music culture is still new and small. There are some bold pioneers in both cities though that are fighting hard to change that! ;)

Nelly: What/who made you want to get into producing your own music?

The Bulgarian: Wow, about 15 years ago an older family friend inspired me with his acoustic guitar. After working hard that summer i bought my first guitar, then in 1997, after failing miserably to start my death metal band i combined my geeky love of techology and computers and started making awfull industrial rock on my then fairly decent Pentium 166mmx!

Nelly: Which do you prefer, the dj’ing or producing side, and why?

The Bulgarian: Well i've been a producer from long before i even first set foot in a club, so I consider myself as such first, and a dj second, but i love djing so much as well! There's nothing like seeing people responding live in front of you to your self expression. Its the coolest feeling on earth. You also get to go to a lot of cool places on earth. ;)

Nelly: You have a few dates in your diary for London coming up this year; will they be your first in the UK?

The Bulgarian: Yep, first time in the northern hemisphere actually, playing with the Zombie Disco Squad @ their Get Rude on the 11th (can't wait!), and at the On The Brink showcase with the Crookers @ the Egg in September.

Nelly: What is the one track that has affected you the most in your production/dj career and why?

The Bulgarian: Oh, it would be totally unfair to all the music i've liked from so many genre's over so many years to try to single one track out. However "The Bulgarian" as such now exsists in no small part thanks to tracks like "This is Sick" by Solid Groove and Dave Taylor's early Switch tracks like "A bit patchy".

Otherwise i can point out 2 people that showed me I don't need to be in a band to make music: Trent Reznor of NIN and Liam Howlett of The Prodigy.

Nelly: Where does your inspiration come from when going into the studio to produce your next track?

The Bulgarian: As cheezy as it is: Life! Anything really, from an odd sound on the street or in a club to a good meal. or an inspired chat with friends can make me want to make music. Equally powerfull as an inspiration tool is sheer boredom. ;)

Nelly: You recently had your “Ignition EP” released on UK label “On The Brink”, what other releases are on the horizon?

The Bulgarian: Most excited about my Potty Mouth Music ep: "The Zombie Door", with label mates like Crookers, Dj Fame and Santiago & Bushido (who are on remix duties for me), hell yeah.. ;)

Nelly: What are the 3 tunes getting people to move their feet and scream “Bulgarian, we love you!” on your dance floors lately?

The Bulgarian: Ignition definately, The Other Door and The Zombie Door.

Nelly: Thanks for the interview Dimitre and I look forward to more of your fidget house in the near future!

Now for an exclusive track given to me by the man himself:

The Bulgarian - Barnyard Dance (zShare)

In his own words, "it's new and unsigned and no-one's heard it yet! enjoy ;)"

Check out some of The Bulgarian's other release's and remixes here: Juno, Juno Download, Beatport

Also search for Mr. Elastik, Dimitre's more Minimal inspired alter ego.

23 June, 2007

Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release

Yes I know, their album was released nearly a week ago and numerous blogs have posted tracks from the album but I seen them live at The Empire in Middlesbrough not long ago as part of their tour for the album release and they blew me away so here's a few of my favourite tracks from the album.

Simian Mobile Disco
Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release
Label: Wichita
Released: 18th June 07
Buy: here

Album Tracklisting
1. Sleep Deprivation
2. I Got This Down
3. It's the Beat
4. Hustler
5. Tits & Acid
6. I Believe
7. Hotdog
8. Wooden
9. Love
10. Scott

+ a little bonus which is Switch's remix of SMD's next release "I Believe" which at first did not grab me like 99.9% of his work does but once 1 minute 2 seconds comes around you know he's done it again and kicked arse with another remix! To be released on Wichita - 17th July 07, available from all good record shops, including Phonica and Juno.

More posts in a week after my very late holiday deal booked today for tomorrow night all inclusive to Malta :) ...good times

15 June, 2007

Don't you just love MySpace!

Just had a new promo sent to me from a MySpace friend, Bryan Cox - I checked out his MySpace page the other day and this for me is my favourite track on his music player, sounding a bit like some of Richard Dinsdale's releases, it's nice and bouncey with some catchy vocals. He's a Dj/Producer from New York with 100+ releases to date, check most of them out at Beatport or through his website.

13 June, 2007

May Mix

Here's my latest mix from back in May... Nelly loves feedback :)

May i Mix (zShare)


Brick N Lace - Never Never (Switch Remix)//
Claude Von Stroke - Chimps (Trevor Loveys Remix)//
Crookers - Aguas De Parco//
Sawtooth Sucka - Crazy//
Larry Tee feat. Princess Superstar - Work It Out (Herve Remix)//
Mr. Oizo - Patrick 122//
Alfonso Mango - Can You Feel//
The Bulgarian - The Other Door//
Steel Lord - Dirty Muthafucka (Crookers Remix)//
Bloc Party - I Still Remember (Speaker Junk Remix)//
Radioclit - Divine Gosa//
Walter Meego - Through The Keyhole (Solid Groove & Sinden Remix)//
Speaker Junk - Close Your Eyes//
Klaxons - Golden Scans (Switch Remix)//
Jence - Wired//

Lets Begin!

Welcome, it was only a matter of time before I jumped on the band wagon and got myself a lovely blog, these things have opened my eyes to more and more new music than I ever thought possible - good times.. To start things off here's a new remix from one of my favourite artists, Trevor Loveys. It's got all the beats/sounds/noises i love.

Dub Pistols feat. TK & JMS - Open (Trevor Loveys' Open All Hours Re Jig Mix) (zShare)

Out now on Sunday Best - Buy it here: Juno Download