30 September, 2008

KrunK - Freshers Special Oct 2nd!

KrunK is the new jackin/wonky/fidget house/electro event that hits STYLUS, MINE & PULSE @ LEEDS UNI,
(open to all)








Advance Tickets: £7 nus £8 others
Leeds Tickets / See Tickets / Ticketline / Jumbo Records / Crash Records

and if anyone from KrunK sees this then hopefully you'll be kind enough to send me one of your awesome Teees! :)

29 September, 2008

Riva Starr Made To Play Podcast Exclusive

More now from the man Riva Starr with a special podcast for Made To Play in order to launch his new 12" on Jesse Rose's label. The EP has 2 real bombs "Squash" and "Snatch!" (the latter also the name of Riva's forthcoming label). Available 20th October on vinyl and digital.

The mix has plenty of exclusive shit for all you Riva fans including his Black Betty Boot and another of his little gems that is Rockafella Starr!

Riva Starr Made To Play Podcast Exclusive (zShare)

01) Riva Starr - La Conga // Dirtybird
02) Riva Starr - Freedom // White
03) Riva Starr - Squash // Made To Play + Winx - Don't Laugh // Nervous
04) Riva $ Vs. Nick Cave - Black Betty // White
05) Riva Starr - Snatch! // Made To Play
06) Riva Starr - I Jack U // Southern Fried
07) Riva Starr - Maria // Kindisch
08) Radioclit - Secousse (Riva Starr Remix) // Mental Groove
09) Malente & Dex feat. Jammer & Frisco - Hyperactive (Riva Starr Remix) // Exploited Ghetto Records
10) Riva Starr - Jack My Bell // Southern Fried
11) FatBoy Slim vs. Riva $ - Rockafella Starr // White
12) Riva Starr - Riva's Snake (Bart B More Remix) // White
13) Funkagenda - Afterclub (Riva Starr Remix) // Toolroom
14) Stefano Miele - Kewok (Daniel Haaksmaan Remix) // White
15) Diplo feat. Rye Rye - Wassup Wassup (Bart B More Remix) // Mad Decent
16) Daniel Haaksmaan - Who's Afraid of Rio (Riva Starr Remix) // Man Records
17) Mescal Kid - Magic // Size
18) Rhumba Macumba / Voice Tool
19) Oliver $ - Funk Mundial // Man Records

25 September, 2008

CRUX014: Dominator

Crux & Brooklyn Zoo vs. Human Resource "Dominator"with remixes from Bryan Cox, The Bularian, Jaimie Fanatic, 3 Is a Crowd, Electric Soulside, Lars Moston, Mom & Dad, Leko, and Oh Snap!

17 years after its initial release "Dominator" gets a Fidget facelift in the hands of Crux Records! and with 10 remixes in this package there's no doubt 1 there for everyone.

Tracks in Release:
CRUX & Brooklyn Zoo vs. Human Resource "Dominator" (Bryan Cox Remix)
CRUX & Brooklyn Zoo vs. Human Resource "Dominator" (Bryan Cox Rave Remix)
CRUX & Brooklyn Zoo vs. Human Resource "Dominator" (The Bulgarian Remix)
CRUX & Brooklyn Zoo vs. Human Resource "Dominator" (Jaimie Fanatic Remix)
CRUX & Brooklyn Zoo vs. Human Resource "Dominator" (3 Is A Crowd Remix)
CRUX & Brooklyn Zoo vs. Human Resource "Dominator" (Electric Soulside Remix)
CRUX & Brooklyn Zoo vs. Human Resource "Dominator" (Lars Moston Remix)
CRUX & Brooklyn Zoo vs. Human Resource "Dominator" (Mom & Dad Remix)
CRUX & Brooklyn Zoo vs. Human Resource "Dominator" (Leko Remix)
CRUX & Brooklyn Zoo vs. Human Resource "Dominator" (OH SNAP! Remix)

Once again its a very limited download, available on beatport after limit! It includes 2 remixes from the release.

Crux & Brooklyn Zoo vs. Human Resource - Dominator (Bryan Cox Rave Remix + Bryan Cox Remix) (Yousendit)

23 September, 2008

HiJack's September Mix

Just in from HiJack, their latest mix, it's late and i'm off to bed so just download and enjoy!

HiJack's September Mix (Mediafire) NEW LINK

01. Blaze - Do You Remember House (Solid Groove Accapella)
02. Dave Basek & Phil Smart - Smoke Yourself (Consistent Dub)
03. Twocker - Ruffneck (Riva Starr Remix)
04. Jesse Rose & Sinden - Me Mobile (Duckbeats Remix)
05. Oliver $ - Hot Flash Volume 3
06. Gutterpunk - Up 2 11 (The Yank Remix)
07. Hustle & Flow - Don't Mess With Us (TJR Remix)
08. Liam Vizzle - That Banana Track (HiJack Remix)
09. Jak Z - Cutie Pie
10. Dope Freq’N’C - Kickin’ Da Funk (HiJack Remake)
11. Samim - The Lick (Derrick Carter Remix / HiJack Edit)
12. Modeler - Getts Down
13. Ruffcut - Fazzjunk
14. Southside - Jack (Natty Jack Remix)
15. Moston & Malente - Do The Right Thing (Clark Able Remix)
16. Dirka Dirka - Stretch Out
17. Blatta & Inesha - Blow Up (HiJack Remix)
18. Tommy Sunshine - Limit Of Your Mind (Nic Sarno Remix / HiJack Edit)
19. Tom EQ - Off Limits
20. Bart B More - Killing It
21. The Sound Republic - TSR Macromix (Jacob London Remix)
22. Duke Dumont - Feltham
23. Crookers - Unknown
24. Larry T - I Love U (The Bulgarian Remix)
25. Wongo - The Buff Up
26. Groove Allegiance - Ramp It Up (HiJack Remix)
27. Lee Mortimer - Moaning & Groaning
28. Rene Van Munster - Grasscourt Blues
29. Clark Able - Back In The Bronx (HiJack Remix)
30. Solid Groove vs. Brabe (HiJack Bootleg)

18 September, 2008

Fabric 19th September

I'm on the train to London at the minute for the week and I can't wait for tomorrow's Fabric, the line up is awesome but the main reason for me is the Blogger's Delight room and Riva Starr!

If anyone's down for this one then give us a shout. Also where's the best pre-club bar?

Room One: KILL 'EM ALL...
Special Disco Version featuring James Murphy (dfa/lcdsoundsystem), Filthy Dukes (Live + DJ Set), Emperor Machine (LIVE), Alex Gopher, Crispin Dior

Room Two: KILL 'EM ALL...
Klaxons DJ Set (Jamie Reynolds), The Proxy (Live), Black Affair (Live), Shinichi Osawa, Stopmakingme!

Riva Starr, Matt Walsh (Turbo), Casper C, Andy Blake (Dissident)

17 September, 2008

New Releases

First up is the mighty Potty Mouth with their latest offering and it comes from Santiago & Bushido vs DJ Fame with a very naughty HiJack remix included and whats even better is its out now through Beatport, go grab!

Santiago & Bushido vs DJ Fame - For The People (Original Mix)

Santiago & Bushido vs DJ Fame - For The People (HiJack Remix)

Also click here and join the Potty Mouth Community and share your views with some of the top producers in the game!

Now for Jason Score's "Word" on Champion Beats which I posted the video for a few posts ago, the release date is now upon us and is joined by 3 remixes, Germany's Nerk & Dirk Leyers, High Horse and a 'new jack' sounding mix from Melting Man. Available from 18th Sept from Beatport, JunoDownload and more..

Jason Score - Word (Original Mix)

Jason Score - Word (Nerk & Dirk Remix)

Jason Score - Word (High Horse Remix)

Jason Score - Word (The Incredible Melting Man Remix)

Lastly but a fucking cracker is Liam Vizzle's "That Banana Track" on Venga Digital with a remix package to rival any other, Kelevra, HiJack & Mightyfools have all done their bit to make this one of the strongest releases I've seen in a long while! Available 22nd September.

Liam Vizzle - That Banana Track (MiniMix)

14 September, 2008

NEW Mom & Dad

More top remix action from Mom & Dad, this time with his take on Techjio featuring BSBTRGDCLUB's "Vertebrate". Keep a look out for Mom & Dad appearing on Crux Records, unsure of any release dates but the tracks are looking tasty, check his myspace.

Techjio feat. BSBTRGDCLUB - Vertebrate (Mom & Dad Remix) (MediaFire)

12 September, 2008

Disturbed's September 10

01. AC Slater - Jack Got Jacked (Jack Beats Remix) // Palms Out Sounds
02. Armand Van Helden - Shake That Ass (Mowgli Remix) // Southern Fried
03. Style Of Eye - Clown (Original Mix) // Pickadoll
04. Lee Mortimer - Putto // Dubsided / Buy
05. Riva Starr - Vouxhall // Southern Fried / Buy
06. Wongo & Ladgroove - The Buff Up / Sexo De La Manan // Junky Trunk
07. Oliver $ & Deize Tigrona - Tá Com Medo Do Mim? // Man Records / Buy
08. Mom & Dad - On My Mind // CDR
09. Moston & Malente - Do The Right Thing (Alternative Mix) // Splank / Buy
10. House of Stank - Make U Jack (Santiago & Bushido Remix) //Dust Traxx / Buy

09 September, 2008

Blaze Tripp!

Blaze Tripp, a producer from Australia also under the same booking/management agency as Wongo has been in touch with his latest remix of Outhere Brothers "Shake It" and a fresh original, "Buggin Out".

Outhere Brothers - Shake It (Blaze Tripp's Haunted House Remix) (MediaFire)

Blaze Tripp - Buggin Out' (MediaFire)

Mansion - "Break Back"

Toronto's Mansion are back with another banging track entitled "Break Back"

Thank them for full quality here.

Moston & Malente - 'Do The Right Thing'

Here's the new single by Moston & Malente, who return to Splank sending out a message to all the wrongdoer's and wrongdoing's in this world, encouraging moralistic and positive action amongst us all. Their new single 'Do The Right Thing' includes 2 versions of an absolute belter, which promises to further cement their position as purveyors of the very finest electronic dance music. The full package comes complete with Twocker and Clark Able remixes and is available from 15th September through DJDownload. Sample the goodness below!

04 September, 2008

What's The Story?

Jackinori's been a busy boy with "Ba Bada" on A New Hope Records currently available to download now from DJ Download with the 2 Bit Thugs Remix at #5 in their Most Downloaded. He's been in touch with no less than 4 remixes for you to enjoy all due for release in the next month so if you like go and buy!

Dubjack - Twitch (Jackinori's 'Schizophrenic' Remix) - Static Jack (zShare)
Kieran Brindley & Calvertron - Stumble (Jackinori Remix) - Electric Sushi (zShare)
Suric feat. Ruegroove - WYDTM (Jackinori Remix) - Tokyo Dawn (zShare)
Warboy - Londons Gettin Dirty (Jackinori Remix) - A New Hope Records (zShare)

He has also just been signed to Venga with the "Whats The Story EP" planned including the tracks "Get Ill" and "Get Ya Face Down".

Extra: Star 69 Jackinori style!!!

Fatboy Slim - Star 69 (Jackinori 'They Fuck' Remix) (zShare)

03 September, 2008

Disturbed Beats 005 - Mixed by Wongo

Long time no mix! Well it's back and it's all gone Wong.... go... only kidding, shit crack I know!

I'm proud to say the 005 mix comes from the man from down under, Wongo! Shit loads of exclusives in this one and all done live on Ableton. Thanks Wongo!

Disturbed Beats 005 - Mixed by Wongo (Mediafire) *NEW LINK*

001. Campbell - Make It Bump - Jack Union
002. Idiotproof - Gorillaz - Made To Play
003. Sawtooth Sucka - Sit Down - Dotbleep
004. Bulgarian - Lovely Bounce - Jack Union
005. Natty Jack - Jackin Da Garage (Hijack Mix) - Wearhouse Music
006. Wongo - Hear Again (Nic Sarno Mix) - ESP
007. Wongo & Ladgroove - The Buff Up - Junky Trunk
008. TJR - Mind Altering - Wearhouse Music
009. Wongo - Get Out Your Grill - Jack Union
010. Def Inc - Walking The Dread (Switch Mix) - Spin Cycle
011. Liam Vizzle - That Banana Track (Hijack Mix) - Venga
012. Mom & Dad - On My Mind - CDR

Next mix coming soon...


We met this fella while at Herbal in London jumping about to Mowgli back in July, He's good friends with the man Mowgli, Riva Starr and now Disturbed beats and he's one sound man!

Anyway he has a few releases due, the first is remixes of Camp Actor's "Your Obsession" on Press Industries with both FrankyBoy and Hrtz Wise remixes showcasing two sides to this cheeky Italian. Available 8th September from Beatport and more.

Camp Actor - Your Obsession (FrankyBoy & Hrtz Wise MiniMix) (zShare)

Next is his "Mutant Man EP" under his alias Hrtz Wise, also available here soon.

Hrtz Wise - Mutant Man EP (MiniMix) (zShare)

02 September, 2008

Titts & Starr

Riva Starr back in touch with another cracker for you bloggers! This time it's his banging remix of "It's My Beat Now". Massive over the past few months with full support from the big guys... Fucking love the vocal on this one!

PRM - It's My Beat Now (Riva Starr Remix) (zShare)

Riva Starr's "I Jack U" EP is out now on Southern Fried with remixes from Tim Green and Derrick Carter, check it here now.

Taken from Tittsworth's recently released album 'Twelve Steps" on Plant Music, If you checked his mix here then you'll want to get your hands on this..

Jason Score - Word

Jason Score's latest track "Word" on Championbeats shortly via Beatport.

Mansion aka Van Helder & Dj Barletta

This tracks probably on everyone's hard drive now but if you missed it on other blogs then here it is, Van Helder and DJ Barletta combine to create this simple but very effective stabbing piano track.

More from Mansion now with their Offical remix of "Bounce" by MSTRKRFT (again you're probably all saying to yourselves "fuck nelly! i've already got this one too, how slow are you!" but fuck it, here it is anyway)

MSTRKRFT - Bounce (Mansion Remix) (zShare)

I've been impressed with DJ Barletta's productions of late specially his remix of Oh Snap!'s 'Hi Top Fade' but haven't really heard of Van Helder until now so hopefully more to come!

Once again sorry fella's for the late post, but this ain't the last one tonight, more to come...

Extra: Barletta's v. cheeky take on the Rocky theme.

Rocky Theme (DJ Barletta's 'Crunk' Mix) (zShare)

Mashed Paper Klub

Young talented duo Dimitri & Max from Belgium under the name Mashed Paper Klub with a gangster remix! Sorry it took so long to post fellas..

Head to their myspace for plenty more free tracks!