28 October, 2007

Haydn Haydn

Now if I was to label this remix "Timbaland - Way I Are (Switch Remix)", after listening to it you wouldn't dispute it, but it's not a Switch remix it's from a guy called 'Haydn Haydn' and it's excellent, I'd say on par with the Crookers remix. The looping of the vocals is spot on and works great with the jackin' beats!

Timbaland - Way I Are (Haydn Haydn Remix) (zShare)

Head over to his MySpace's to give him some feedback on this first-rate remix and to check out some of his other work.

Haydn Haydn
Haydn Haydn Music

Fantastic 6 (Radioclit Remix)

I can't tell you how much I love this remix, it's been on constant repeat for the last 2 days and it gets better with every play. Very different to the fidget I normally listen to but every bit as good, everyone needs to be playing this out! Not sure of a release date but check Radioclit's MySpace for updates. Thanks Discobelle for introducing me to this beauty and thanks Radioclit for making it!

26 October, 2007

New Sarno!

Nic Sarno has been in touch again with another new track, this time its 'Knock Track'. You may or may not have seen heard this up on his MySpace player but he has said it's probably not getting a vinyl release, available for free download from ESP's website soon along with some more fresh beats!

Nic Sarno - Knock Track (zShare)

21 October, 2007

More Dutch Madness!

I posted some tracks of Djago a little while ago and he's back with more, this lad is coming up with some excellent productions faster than england let in goals...

Djago - Keep Funkin (Original Mix) (zShare)

17 October, 2007

Hold on to your nuts!

Bootlickers sent me through a few tracks from their new EP to give us all a little taste of what's to come from them, and let me tell you now, it's looking good!

Brabe and René Van Munster started producing music around a year ago after Brabe introduced René to some early Dubsided sounds (mostly Solid Groove/Switch remixes, Jesse Rose and Speaker Junk). Fooling around with the production software and experimenting with all different kinds of styles they finally got into house production. After getting some productions done separately with support along the way from the likes of Jacob London, Lee Mortimer, The Bulgarian, Oliver $, Nic Sarno, Bryan Cox and Crookers they decided as a side project to team up once in a while to form Bootlickers!

Bootlickers EP is out 19th November on Down South Music, South Africa which will contain 2 Bootlicker tracks (below) and 1 each from Brabe (Keep On) and René (Wrap It Up)

They also have solo releases coming up so keep an eye out!

06 October, 2007

New Residency

Got a new residency starting tonight @ the newly refurbished Onyx Rooms in Middlesbrough, looking forward to playing some dirty jackin' fidget! If your in the area then get yourself down should be good fun. Not to keen on the name of the night but you can't have everything haha... hopefully that will change once we get our own way.

04 October, 2007

Take a right & right again...

And that takes you to the Jesse Rose remix of Soho Dolls "Right & Right Again", which was released back in September, the remix is usual Jesse style, typically brilliant! Also on the release is the original + video and a Trash The Rental Crystal Castles remix (which they are giving away free on their site just for registering your details).

Soho Dolls - Right & Right Again (Jesse Rose Remix) (zShare)

Buy the CD here

Soho Dolls album "Ribbed Music for a Numb Generation" was also released last month, buy it here

03 October, 2007

More More More...

Sorry again for my lack of updates recently, haven't got an excuse just haven't got round to it. Anyway Albi from '3 Is A Crowd' has sent over not 2 now but you guest it.. 3 new strong tracks, if you want info on 3IAC then check out the previous post on them from september.