19 July, 2010

Jeff Doubleu Edits

Currently over in Australia having just finished his mini tour of down under and New Zealand Jeff has sent over a few of his edits including the massive Hot Chip booty!

Hidenobu Ito - Dead Voice Funk (Jeff Doubleu Edit)

Hot Chip - I Feel Better (Jeff Doubleu Switches It Up Bootleg)

Santiago & Bushido - All That I Can Say (Jeff Doubleu Edit)

Also just in time to mention his All Aboard remix is released today on Baboon Tune's, head to Beatport to pick up the goods.

07 July, 2010


With the massive Fissa Tune taking over dancefloors for the past few months the EP was finally released last week on Exploited. Now they have handed over the track to give away free, don't we all just love free shit specially awesome free shit!

Homework - Fissa Tune

Head over to Beatport to check out the rest of the EP with "Drivin'" one of our favourites at the minute.

Plus if you're in Amsterdam next week head to the record release party featuring Shir Khan, Homework and The Heykids (see pic above).

Sick Jargon - I Can Get EP

With Jack Union's latest release from Sick Jargon out today they have sent over 3 free tracks from Hijack, Sick Jargon and Robert Boogert to get your teeth in to, but first the EP is a 3 tracker including a remix from the boss Hijack and as with every Jack Union release this is highly recommended.

Sick Jargon - I Can Get EP
1. Sick Jargon - I Can Get
2. Sick Jargon - LSR
3. Sick Jargon - Just Jack (Hijack Remix)

head to Beatport to pick up the EP now.

Now for the freebies..

Sick Jargon - Go Hump (Hijack Unreleased Remix)

Sick Jargon - Just Jack (Robert Boogert Remix)

Sick Jargon - LSR (Dub)

And finally we have just confirmed Sick Jargon for the next Disturbed Beats mix so keep an ear out over the next couple of weeks!

02 July, 2010

Free Baboom Train EP

Campbell's "Baboom Train" EP hits Beatport as a 4 week exclusive 15th July featuring no less than 9 remixes from Mudhut, Jeff Doubleu, Schenk, Glitch-boy, Perfect Cell, Jaksaw, Holyboyz, Mangled Bass and Audiobotz... now if that wasn't enough Baboon Tunes boss has sent over a FREE Baboom Train EP filled with another 6 remixes all in 320.

Campbell - Free Baboom Train EP (Full EP Zipped)

01. All Aboard (Danny Soundz Remix)
02. All Aboard (Killafornia Remix)
03. All Aboard (Oliver Leigh Loss His Afro Remix)
04. All Aboard (The Amp Jackers Remix)
05. All Aboard (Carbon Parlour Rerub)
06. All Aboard (Schenk's Free version Remix)