25 January, 2008

Pics + Videos from Sebastien Leger + Nelly @ The Empire (18/01/08)

Pictures and videos from last Friday night with me warming up for Sebastien Leger @ The Empire, Middlesbrough. Thanks for everyone who came down for it, was a very busy night for a January in Middlesbrough! (oh and check out the Disturbed Beats T-shirt!)

23 January, 2008

Lee Mortimer AKA Sawtooth Sucka January 08 Mix

This Sawtooth motherf*cker's been very busy lately coming up with some wikid productions under his alias "Sawtooth Sucka", laying down some amazing remix work under his real name "Lee Mortimer" not to mention another release from his "Wearhouse Music" label in the shape of "Big Dipper" out the end of January.

If you haven't heard of this lad yet them where the f*ck have you been??? Check out some of his latest work in his new January 2008 Mix below. (Also keep an eye out for another Disturbed Beats Exclusive interview with the man himself Mr Lee Mortimer coming soon)

Lee Mortimer - January 2008 Mix (zShare)

1. Alter Ego - Fuckingham Palace [Klang Elektronik]
2. Andy George - Big Dipper (HiJack Remix) [Wearhouse Music]
3. DJ Jeroenski - Back Once Again (Lee Mortimer Remix) [CR2]
4. Chemical Brothers - Boot It Again (Mowgli Mix) [CDR]
5. Armand Van Helden - Je T'aime (Riva Starr Acid 80 Mix) [Southern Fried]
6. Sawtooth Sucka - Sit Down [.dotbleep]
7. Crookers - My Penny [Southern Fried]
8. Sawtooth Sucka - Letting Go [Wearhouse Music]
9. The Loungin Kollective - Riddim Come 4ward (Herve's Fire Pon Dem Version) [Loungin']
10. TJR - Sonic Chronic [Wearhouse Music]
11. JR From Dallas & Randy Brusseto - Jazz Ghetto City (Lee Mortimer Remix) [Union]
12. Crookers - Love To Edit [White]
13. Bryan Cox - Get Nasty [Crux]
14. Worthy - Bird Of Prey (Yankee Zulu's The Eagle Has Landed Mix) [Utensil]
15. Justin Martin - Ghetto Train (Oliver $ Remix) [Utensil]
16. Jamiewamie - Pianotight (Lee Mortimer Remix) [CR2]
17. Nick Supply - Simpler Things [CDR]

Crookers MiniMix for Annie Mac

If you missed this on Friday night then here it is for you, mainly a showcase of their own material which their new stuff is looking very tasty by the way! Making me that little bit more excited to see them in February.

This is 1 great minimix, get it uploaded to your ipod and stick it on repeat! WOW!!

Cousin Cole - 'Let Me Clear My Throat' (White Label)
Kis Cudi - 'Day'n'night (Crookers Rmx)' (Fools Gold)
Crookers - 'Purple Lens Game' (Southern Fried)
Ac-Dc - 'Thunder' (EMI)
Crookers - 'Untitled' (Mad Decent)
Bonde Do Role - 'Gasolina (Crookers Mix)' (Mad Decent)
Adam Sky - 'We're All Prostitutes (Crookers Mix)' (Exploited)
Bloody Beetroots - 'FFA1985' (Pixadelic)
Chemical Brothers - 'Salmon Dance (Crookers Mix)' (Virgin)
Azzido Da Bass - 'Dooms Night (Crookers Bum Mix)' (White Label)
Crookers - 'Love To Edit' (White)
M.I.A. - 'Down River' (XL Recordings)
Don Rimini - 'Let Me Back Up (Crookers Mix)' (Mental Groove)
Eagles Of Death Metal - 'Stuck In The Metal' (White Label)
Crookers - 'Big Money Comin' (Southern Fried)
Bumblebees - 'Rio (Crookers Mix)' (Modular)
Wink - 'Freak' (Ovum)
Boy 8 Bit - 'The Suspense Is Killin Me' (White Label)
Crookers - 'My Penny' (Southern Fried)
Underworld - 'Boy Boy Boy" (Switch Mix)' (Underworldlive.com)
Andy Kaufman - 'One More Song For You' (White Label)

18 January, 2008

Exclusive Crookers Remixes!

These track were meant to go with the Crookers interview that was posted yesterday but as I said they've been very busy so Phra's just had time to send them now, I think there all blog exclusives but if i'm wrong then no doubt someone will let me know... But anyway who gives a shit, their all the top quality Crookers gems! GET THEM NOW!

17 January, 2008


This interview has been a long time coming, but it's finally here! The Crookers have been very very busy lately but they've found a few minutes so here it is, enjoy! Also don't forget to check out their Mini Mix on Annie Mac's Radio1 show tomorrow between 21:00 and 23:00 UK time.

Crookers Interview:

Disturbed Beats: Crookers have blown up BIG over the past year or so, how are you both finding flying all over the world and which has been your favourite gig so far?

Crookers: Yeah we're feelin like a pingpong ball lately!! we have not a favourite gig (though amsterdam was f**in dope!)...everywhere the people are hot and friendly it's agood place for us.

Disturbed Beats: I noticed the Crookers have remixed the classic 'Azzido Da Bass - Dooms Night', how did you go about remixing this beauty and will it be getting an official release?

Crookers: Super! Super! Best thing about doing it was singing the bassline....we're very proud of that mix!

Disturbed Beats: How does dj'ing in England or anywhere else in the world for the matter compare with playing in your home country Italy?

Crookers: Most of the times it's much more fun outside our country cause people have a better musical culture about this scene but some things might change very soon also here!

Disturbed Beats: 2007 was a great year for the Crookers with releases and gigs going into overdrive, what can we expect in 2008 from you guys?

Crookers: We'll try to get better...already preparing an album for southern fried, some e.p.'s and remixes of course... if we don't go mad before!

Disturbed Beats: Who or what is the one biggest influence in the Crookers production work?

Crookers: All the music we listen to has a big role in our music.... timbaland lately is a big influence (as for loads of other producers) and also flying lotus is a f**in genius!

Disturbed Beats: Crookers have remixed half of the music industry over the past year or so including Armand Van Helden, Steel Lord, Timbaland, Bumblebeez and not forgetting the Chemical Brothers, what tips can you give on how to make a killer remix?

Crookers: We do the remix in a short amount of time, try it out in the weekend....if it works we do the last changes and the rmx is OK!

Disturbed Beats: Now I was going to ask you just for your top 10 tracks of the moment but that would be boring, I want to know the Crookers 5 most played remixes of your past few gigs and the 1 BIG track for everyone to watch out for?

Crookers: We always get asked to play prostitutes, salmon dance, gasolina, lemme back up and armand van helden...a huge track is FFA1985 by bloody beetroots...we hope to remix it soon!

Disturbed Beats: Thanks for the interview and I will be seeing you both at the front of the dancefloor on the 16th Feb @ the Arches in Glasgow!!

Crookers: Thanks to you and see you soooooooooooooooooooooon, C's

16 January, 2008

Sebastien Leger + Nelly @ The Empire

Nows the time for a little self promotion, i'm warming up for Sebastien Leger this coming Friday 18th @ the Empire in Middlesbrough so everyone get down for it! It also doubles up as my birthday night out so theres double the reason to get down, theres no excuses!

13 January, 2008

Andy George Owns You!

Moda resident/co-promoter and Big Dipper creator Andy George sent through his latest mixtape yesterday which includes some massive tracks and remixes from Crookers, Jesse Rose, Hijack and the man himself.

Andy's debut release 'Big Dipper' is out on the 28th of January on Wearhouse Records, Lee Mortimers Label which includes and Instrumental and Remix courtesy of Hijack. So far its gained support from Kissy Sell Out (which he has played on his BBC Radio 1 show!) Detboi, Toddla T and Ursula 1000!

If you can't wait that long then check out his remix he sent through of Detboi's "Gunshot Lean Forward" he did alongside Jakz.

Detboi - Gunshot Lean Forward (Andy George & Jakz Remix) (zShare)

He's played alongside many big names including the likes of Crookers, Kissy Sell-Out, Switch (Dave Taylor), Annie Mac, Boy 8-Bit, Zombie Disco Squad, Bloc Party and even Eric Prydz – at Venues all over the UK including London’s Fabric. Currently gearing up to concentrate on Productions in 2008, with remix’s for New Yorks’ Bryan Cox, Detboi and Original tracks with Warehouse Records stable mate Scott Cooper, as well as a follow-up to his debut, Big Dipper...

The night he co-promote “MODA” with Jaymo, Ingo Staar and Benni Cassette goes from strength to strength in 2008 and will see headliners Herve, Sinden, Duke Dumont and the return of Annie Mac!!

Andy George - January 08 Mixtape (zShare)

1. Friendly Fires - On Board (Original George Re-Fix)
2. Foals - Hummer (Andy George Re-Fix)
3. Cazals - Life Is Boring (Crookers No Fear To Fly Remix)
4. Alphabeat - Alphabeat (Radioclit Remix)
5. The Mitchell Brothers - Like Michael Jackson (Andy George Does Calvin Harris Re-Edit)
6. Noisa - GutterPump (Jaymo Remix)
7. Burial - Archangel (Boy 8-Bits Simple Remix)
8. Hot Chip - Ready For The Floor (Jesse Rose Remix)
9. Crookers - My Penny (Southern Fried EP)
10. Toddla T - Inna Di Dancehall (Sinden & Count of Monte Cristal Remix)
11. Mika - Lollipop (Boy-8-Bit Remix)
12. Detboi - Jump Up & Down
13. Andy George - Big Dipper (Original Mix)
14. Detboi - Gunshot Lean Forward (Andy George & JakZ Remix)
15. Andy George - Big Dipper (Hijack Remix)
16. Boy 8-Bit - Things Freaks Are Made Of
17. D.I.M - Is You (Brodinski Remix)
18. Plump DJs - System Addict (Andy George Re-Edit)
19. Waxmaster - Ice Cream
20. Detboi - Come Rest Up
21. Small-Town DJ's - Party Like A Punk
22. Andy George & Scott Cooper (Cooper + George) - Piano Man
23. DJ Zinc - 128 Trek (Andy George Re-Edit)
24. JakZ - Far Out
25. Armand Van Helden - J'Taime (Riva Starr Acid 80 Mix)
26. Azzido Da Bass - Dooms Night (Crookers Remix)
27. Primary 1 - Hold Me Down (Yuksek Remix)
28. Alphabeat - Fascination (Count of Monte Cristal Remix)
29. Fiest - My Moon My Man (Boys Noise Remix)
30. Daft Punk - Too Long

12 January, 2008

Jules Rowe Mashed Up

Jules Rowe comes from Melboure, Australia and is a bedroom Dj aspiring to produce and play out and about. He's into making mashups at the minute and these two are some fine pieces of work.

Seiji feat. MC Dolores vs Missy Elliott - Work It Todo Mundo (Jules Rowe Mash) (zShare)

By the way if your thinking why is there a picture of a sausage dog! It was a special request from Jules.

10 January, 2008

Jeff Doubleu

Now for another dutch Dj/Producer, his name is Jeff Doubleu, at the young age of 18 he's been signed to Patchy Recording. His sound is more electro house rather than the jackin', fidget that's normally posted on this blog but don't let that put you off.

He's been kind enough to throw 3 tracks my way, the first is 'Gooseberry' which is due for release in April on Patchy along with 'Throw It Up'.

Jeff Doubleu - Gooseberry (zShare)

The second track is 'He's A Bit Country', which sounds similar to Bart B. More's 'Make Some Noise'.

Jeff Doubleu - He's A Bit Country (zShare)

And finally a little treat, his remix of 'Speler' by Tony Cha Cha

Tony Cha Cha - Speler (Jeff Doubleu Remix) (zShare)

He also has another release due on Patchy which includes the tracks 'Valid Part Un' & 'Valid Part Deux' set to drop May/June.

06 January, 2008

Disturbed's January 08' Charts

1. Burial - Archangel (Boy8-Bit’s Simple Remix)
2. Kernal Pier - God Damn / SideTrak
3. Underworld - Boy, Boy, Boy (Switch Remix) / Traffic
4. Armand Van Helden - Je T'Aime (Switch Remix) / Southern Fried
5. Poxymusic - War Paint (Speaker Junk Remix) / Hussle
6. Underworld - Holding The Moth (Jesse Rose Remix) / Traffic
7. Alphabeat - Fascination (Count Of Monte Cristal Mix) / Charisma
8. Dave Basek & Phil Smart - Smoke Yourself (Consistent Dub) / Junkbeats
9. Mark Stent - In The Kitchen (The Bulgarian's Lightning Remix) / Casual Kickback
10. Mowgli feat. MC Zub - Get Down (Mowgli Hip House Mix) / Mantra Breaks