17 January, 2008


This interview has been a long time coming, but it's finally here! The Crookers have been very very busy lately but they've found a few minutes so here it is, enjoy! Also don't forget to check out their Mini Mix on Annie Mac's Radio1 show tomorrow between 21:00 and 23:00 UK time.

Crookers Interview:

Disturbed Beats: Crookers have blown up BIG over the past year or so, how are you both finding flying all over the world and which has been your favourite gig so far?

Crookers: Yeah we're feelin like a pingpong ball lately!! we have not a favourite gig (though amsterdam was f**in dope!)...everywhere the people are hot and friendly it's agood place for us.

Disturbed Beats: I noticed the Crookers have remixed the classic 'Azzido Da Bass - Dooms Night', how did you go about remixing this beauty and will it be getting an official release?

Crookers: Super! Super! Best thing about doing it was singing the bassline....we're very proud of that mix!

Disturbed Beats: How does dj'ing in England or anywhere else in the world for the matter compare with playing in your home country Italy?

Crookers: Most of the times it's much more fun outside our country cause people have a better musical culture about this scene but some things might change very soon also here!

Disturbed Beats: 2007 was a great year for the Crookers with releases and gigs going into overdrive, what can we expect in 2008 from you guys?

Crookers: We'll try to get better...already preparing an album for southern fried, some e.p.'s and remixes of course... if we don't go mad before!

Disturbed Beats: Who or what is the one biggest influence in the Crookers production work?

Crookers: All the music we listen to has a big role in our music.... timbaland lately is a big influence (as for loads of other producers) and also flying lotus is a f**in genius!

Disturbed Beats: Crookers have remixed half of the music industry over the past year or so including Armand Van Helden, Steel Lord, Timbaland, Bumblebeez and not forgetting the Chemical Brothers, what tips can you give on how to make a killer remix?

Crookers: We do the remix in a short amount of time, try it out in the weekend....if it works we do the last changes and the rmx is OK!

Disturbed Beats: Now I was going to ask you just for your top 10 tracks of the moment but that would be boring, I want to know the Crookers 5 most played remixes of your past few gigs and the 1 BIG track for everyone to watch out for?

Crookers: We always get asked to play prostitutes, salmon dance, gasolina, lemme back up and armand van helden...a huge track is FFA1985 by bloody beetroots...we hope to remix it soon!

Disturbed Beats: Thanks for the interview and I will be seeing you both at the front of the dancefloor on the 16th Feb @ the Arches in Glasgow!!

Crookers: Thanks to you and see you soooooooooooooooooooooon, C's

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