07 July, 2010


With the massive Fissa Tune taking over dancefloors for the past few months the EP was finally released last week on Exploited. Now they have handed over the track to give away free, don't we all just love free shit specially awesome free shit!

Homework - Fissa Tune

Head over to Beatport to check out the rest of the EP with "Drivin'" one of our favourites at the minute.

Plus if you're in Amsterdam next week head to the record release party featuring Shir Khan, Homework and The Heykids (see pic above).


Justin said...

Wish it was really a 320K, this tune bangs like a mufu**a!... Was hoping to grab it free, guess I'l have to buy it now... Thx for the heads up guys!


Nelly said...

hey justin, yeah sorry about that i thought it was 320 with the file size being so big, will check it next time ha