04 September, 2008

What's The Story?

Jackinori's been a busy boy with "Ba Bada" on A New Hope Records currently available to download now from DJ Download with the 2 Bit Thugs Remix at #5 in their Most Downloaded. He's been in touch with no less than 4 remixes for you to enjoy all due for release in the next month so if you like go and buy!

Dubjack - Twitch (Jackinori's 'Schizophrenic' Remix) - Static Jack (zShare)
Kieran Brindley & Calvertron - Stumble (Jackinori Remix) - Electric Sushi (zShare)
Suric feat. Ruegroove - WYDTM (Jackinori Remix) - Tokyo Dawn (zShare)
Warboy - Londons Gettin Dirty (Jackinori Remix) - A New Hope Records (zShare)

He has also just been signed to Venga with the "Whats The Story EP" planned including the tracks "Get Ill" and "Get Ya Face Down".

Extra: Star 69 Jackinori style!!!

Fatboy Slim - Star 69 (Jackinori 'They Fuck' Remix) (zShare)


bountybea said...

freaking awesome....all 5 tracks rock and i cant wait to play them out

St1cK E said...

sick trax ever think of posting in 320?

Nelly said...

sorry fella, if i'm sent them in 320 then i'll post in 320 (if i'm aloud) :) the first 4 are due for release soon not long to wait..


Unknown said...

Couldn't find this release on djdownload.com, but it's up at junodownload.com.....

Mr Jinn said...

Finally on Disturbed beats ! Great!

Keep up the good work!


Nelly said...

cheers for the info... heres the link for djdownload:


2 bit thugs remix now at #2 in most downloaded, well done!!