23 June, 2007

Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release

Yes I know, their album was released nearly a week ago and numerous blogs have posted tracks from the album but I seen them live at The Empire in Middlesbrough not long ago as part of their tour for the album release and they blew me away so here's a few of my favourite tracks from the album.

Simian Mobile Disco
Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release
Label: Wichita
Released: 18th June 07
Buy: here

Album Tracklisting
1. Sleep Deprivation
2. I Got This Down
3. It's the Beat
4. Hustler
5. Tits & Acid
6. I Believe
7. Hotdog
8. Wooden
9. Love
10. Scott

+ a little bonus which is Switch's remix of SMD's next release "I Believe" which at first did not grab me like 99.9% of his work does but once 1 minute 2 seconds comes around you know he's done it again and kicked arse with another remix! To be released on Wichita - 17th July 07, available from all good record shops, including Phonica and Juno.

More posts in a week after my very late holiday deal booked today for tomorrow night all inclusive to Malta :) ...good times

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