13 September, 2007

Fidget Makes Me Happy!

With me and my love of all things fidget, I really don't know how this man slipped through my fingers as I added him on myspace some unknown time ago, but luckily I revisited his page last night and got in touch with him. Nic Sarno, DJ/Producer and co founder of ESP Records was kind enough to send me over a track from his new EP "The Sample Truth" which is out before the end of September on his ESP Records, downloadable from iTunes, Juno Download and other digital stores.

Also to come from Nic Sarno is his remix of Clark Able's 'Lemon Lead' which is coming out on ESP in October in digital format and limited vinyl edition, which also includes remixes from HiJack and Crookers. A new EP on London Based 'On The Brink Records' which will be dropping soon and a remix of 'You Should Be Someone Else' by When Saint Go Machine, also coming soon.

Be sure to check out Nic's MySpace with plenty more fidgety business going on...

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