11 September, 2007

3 Is A Crowd

While I was on a 'relaxing' holiday in Ibiza Albi from 3 Is A Crowd sent me over some of their tracks for me to share with my blog world, I was impressed. 3 Is A Crowd is Albi (Dj Scotti), Ivo (Dj Giga) and Francesco (Dj Froz), hailing from Italy their sound isn't to far off early Crookers stuff.

Albi: I wanted to introduce my terrible voice friend mino to the world of vocals, a joke, but then i turned it into this nasty ghetto tech groove...a crunk mix will come too...

Albi: We provided a fidget version of the almighty nirvana's "come as you are".

Albi: A dj friendly edit that turned the original brilliant track into a longer house ride with some mid 90's flavour in it with those Prodigy samples.

Albi: We remixed the funk mundial sinden track in a grimey style with heavy basslines and added in this new version a squeaky synth too...

Also check out 3 Is A Crowd's MySpace from more crunk bombs! including 'Bullshit' and 'Nchlinez'

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