28 November, 2007

Congorock - Exodus

There seems to be quite a lot of good sounds coming out of Italy at the minute and this is no different, lots of fidgety noises going on in this and for some reason parts of it reminds me of an old trance tune Judge Jules used to play years and years ago called "Red Alien"... I think. Anyway this is Rocco's latest track since featuring with the Bloody Beetroots on their track "Bluto", if you like your fidget a bit harder then you will love this!

Check his pages out for more info:

Remixes from 3isaCrowd and Digital Primate will be poping up very soon too so keep an eye out, and while i'm on the subject of 3isaCrowd head over to their myspace and get a free download of their new track "Guns", you know you want to!

...or if your lazy like me then just click the picture below :)

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