12 July, 2007

Hervé Interview

His man has to be one of the hottest UK producer's at the minute and is showing no signs of fading away with new remixes and production work surfacing almost every other day. Anyway enough of me trying to be smart, here's the interview..

Nelly: Tell us a bit about yourself, where you’re from, how/why you got into the world of music?

Hervé: My name is Joshua Harvey aka Hervé, Speaker Junk (with Trevor Loveys), Count of Monte Cristal, Dead Soul Brothers (with Seba), Young Lovers and Voodoo Chilli. I’m 27 from Essex, lived in London for many years. When I was a kid I used to make mix tapes of pop music for the family holidays an stuff so it must have been in me from day 1. Music making kinda started when I had my first drum lesson at 8 or 9 and got my hands on an atari with cubase keyboard and a drum machine.

Nelly: Out of all your remix/production work, which has given you the most satisfaction and which has been the biggest pain in the arse to complete?

Hervé: Princess Superstar “Licky” and New Young Pony Club “Ice Cream” are both remixes I loved making and loving playing cos I think they are fresh and maybe even have a hint of uniqueness. I like the fact that people get my Roisin Murphy remix, just goes to show people are up for it! Good Books “The Illness” was a nightmare, it took me so long to do which is unusual cos I work pretty fast, some trax just don’t flick a switch, it was a tough one, but I finally pulled it off!!!

Nelly: You have done a fair few remixes in your time but who would give you the most pleasure of remixing, and why?

Hervé: Hhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm tuff one, I can give u a list of some of the people i’d like to have remixed: Led Zepplin, Cypress Hill, Neptunes, Doors, Muddy Waters, ZZ Top, Coctuea Twins.

Nelly: You have many different aliases which you use to reflect your many loves in music, if you had to choose one, which would you keep, and why?

Hervé: Gotta be Hervé, cos that’s where it all stems from.

Nelly: You have a very distinctive sound, did you take weeks, months to come up with it or was it something that happened by mistake?

Hervé: It just evolved over years out of the desire to do something fresh and new, I had been doing my electro label Tomorrow Records and became disillusioned with all that, I wanted to do something that stood out, was odd, but a lot of fun, so I’m very glad u think I did.

Nelly: I am constantly typing “Hervé” in google and all online record shops just to keep up with all your new releases, give me a head start and tell me what’s round the corner for Hervé and all your other aliases?

Hervé: Dead Soul Brothers Double Pack 8 trax about to drop-my "live" thing with my man Seba singing and writing with me, starting to get our live shit ready.

Speaker Junk re-release of “Scratch Up The Music” and “Run The Track” with new club bangers as well.

Count of Monte Cristal & Sinden album!!!!

Hervé new EP and album (at some point!!!!!!!)

The Young Lovers, “My Headphones and Holidays” album coming on Loungin, I love it, first EP drops in September.

Voodoo Chilli EP is just about to drrrrrrrop with Erol Alkan remix and 2 new trax!

Nelly: Hervé’s current top 10 tune’s?

Hervé: In no particular order:

Hervé - Touch Me I’m Slick
Count of Monte Cristal and Sinden - Afro Jack
Chemical Brothers - Salmon Dance (Hervé Remix)
Ghost Frequency – Nightmare (Speaker Junk Remix)
Speaker Junk - Born Wild
Hervé - Cheap Thrills
Hervé - ? (new one with no name!)
Charlene Dance –Mr. DJ (Speaker Junk Remix)
Dead Soul Brothers -Yeah Yeah Yeah (Dead Soul Records)
Buraka Som Systema – Yah (Count of Monte Cristal ‘Ghetto’ Remix)
Count of Monte Cristal and Sinden feat. Kid Sister – Beeper

Thanks for taking time out to answer some questions for Disturbed Beats, don’t wait too long to get up to the north east and play in Middlesbrough!

Hervé has also sent through a 7 track sampler of his and Seba’s Deal Soul Brothers Album, out soon.

Dead Soul Brothers (7 Track Sampler)

Check out a few of his pages below:
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Count of Monte Cristal MySpace
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