13 July, 2007

Another day, another interview - Today, Jesse Rose

Jesse Rose comes to Middlesbrough's Rouge on Saturday 21st July so I thought it would be fitting for another interview... think i'll have to chill out on this interviewing lark for a bit or there'll be no one left for me to pester soon! Although I must add Jesse did say "great questions, you should work for a mag." so any music magazine people reading this then my email address is to the right ;) interview is below.Nelly: You have worked with many producers, Dave Taylor, Trevor Loveys, Jamie Anderson to name a few, most seem to be friends? Is this what it is like, just a big bunch of mates who all just happen to be top draw producers?

Jesse: Yeah seems that way, I grew up with Jamie, met Dave & Trevor when I moved back to London, we all get on so it just fell in place to produce together. Nothing better than getting drunk and making beats.

Nelly: You have way too many releases to name them all, a couple of my favourites are “All Over My Head” and “Warehouse Shit” that track just fucks with your head, and I love it! But which 2 have given you the most satisfaction and why?

Jesse: A-sided means a lot to me because it was my first record I heard getting plays in loads of clubs and “How Y’all Funk, well that’s just Dave & me having mad fun in the studio.

Nelly: I was in attendance when you played Shindig’s 15th Birthday Party @ Digital in Newcastle, my first time of seeing you DJ, and you did not disappoint… but was that not the hottest/sweatiest room you’ve ever played in??

Jesse: Nearly, although Panoramabar comes very close..

Nelly: You make your first appearance in Middlesbrough (I think) on the 21st July at a night called Naked @ Rouge, when you come to a place/town you’ve never played before do you do a bit of research or just play what Jesse Rose wants to play and then go with the crowd?

Jesse: If I know the resident then I have a clue but I can normally get the vibe on the night, just roll with the crowd.

Nelly: Where do you get your inspiration from for your own tracks, and when your remixing a song how do you make it your own?

Jesse: I get inspired by everything outside of house (with the exception of Dave ‘Solid Groove’) like hip-hop, grime, folk, hyphy, all those new genres made by 18 year old kids.

Nelly: With production and remix work going into overdrive lately, what is next for Jesse Rose?

Jesse: I just started work on solo album, it’s been a long time coming and I’m really excited by the whole project. Just finishing my final remixes before I fully focus on the album so look out for mixes of Underworld, Simian Mobile Disco & Armand Van Helden coming soon. Lots of bits coming on the labels; the Deadset album & tracks by Oliver $, Riva Starr & Sinister Industry on Made to Play & Front Room.

Nelly: Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions and I shall be seeing you on the 21st!!

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