14 June, 2012


Its been 5 years since i started Disturbed Beats as a blog, had many a fun time, met lots of great people through it and had the chance to listen to so much good music! What better way to celebrate it than with this awesome tattoo :D designed by Smithe (Poligono), epic skills man!

Massive thanks to every one of you readers around the world, there's still more to come!



madampussycat said...

What can i say, really awesome blog and thanks for the good music! greetings from Estonia.

Maikel said...

Hey Nelly, great blog man, enjoying your BLOG since it's first year (2007 haha I remember a lot of fidget house from back then, hijack lol). Keep it up dude! 2007 was also the year I was starting with producing, and now 5 years later I finally got some skills, will send you some tracks in the near future

Nelly said...

thanks carina-claudia :)

maikel great to hear you still check the blog 5 years on :D yeah i hated that word 'fidget' but hijack is still the man! yeah get them sent over