13 July, 2012

Fake Blood 'Cells' ALBUM

Fake Blood’s eagerly anticipated debut album, ‘Cells’, will be released on Different Recordings this autumn. Renowned for his hi octane, electro-influenced productions, this record is set to be one of the standout albums of 2012.

Theo Keating, in true maverick style, has forged his own path as Fake Blood- a hard-hitting, multi genre artist with a cult following like no other. His recent releases, ‘Mars’ and the ‘Fix Your Accent EP’ that features the hit club song, ‘I Think I Like It’ have gained rave reviews among press and fans alike, cementing the man as a leader of the scene.

The album will feature brand new tracks and the first single, ‘Yes /No’ will be released in August as an EP, followed up by a second single ‘All In The Blink’ later in the year.

To celebrate the release of ‘Cells’, Fake Blood will headline a launch party at London’s Fabric.

Forthcoming dates:

27/07 – Global Gathering – UK
03/08 – Hard Summer @ LA Historic Park – USA
04/08 – Mezzanine, San Fran, LA – USA
25/08 – Mysterylands Festival – Amsterdam – Netherlands
26/08 – Creamfields – UK


Javi633 said...

Best news I've heard all year long!

Unknown said...

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