17 December, 2008

New/Recent Releases (17.12)

Trevor Loveys & Shab Ruffcut have produced a monster of a remix that's out now on Beatport, make sure you don't miss this!!

Aniki - Evil Nugget (Trevor Loveys & Shab Ruffcut Remix)


Jack Union are back with a release from Hijack and Flinch and consists of 3 originals:

A1 - HiJack & Flinch - Check This
A2 - HiJack & Flinch - Sketch Out
A3 - HiJack & Flinch - Dirty Soul

Its out on the 19th December and until then here's a bit of a teaser

HiJack & Flinch - Musical Chairs EP (Minimix) (Zippy Share)

HiJack has this unrivalled ability to stay current, and furthermore stay one step ahead of the crowd.

It is to this end, that their latest EP leans towards a techier, edgier side of house, and is merely an experiment - that just happens to be ALIVE with a jackin vibe.

Expect to see much much more from Jack Union going into 2009, after a renewed injection of vigour and an installation of a dedicated administration team, the label now has the infrastructure to concentrate on delivering quality output, and regularly!

Next up for Jack Union are EP's from Wongo, Tom EQ and Jak-Z, aswell as originals and remixes from label owners HiJack!


J Sephora - Looney Tunes EP
01. Gropping Grandmas
02. Fuck Love

Available now from Beatport

All SICK Releases Available Here.

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