17 December, 2008

Spencer Spiketail EP Promo

The Spencer Spiketail EP has been getting rave reviews, with a perfect 10/10 in iDJ, comparisons to Green Velvet, Freaks, and Classic Recordings, and DJ support from the likes of Satoshi Tomiie, Luke Solomon, Laurent Garnier, Johnny Fiasco, Onionz and M.A.N.D.Y. to name but a few. The EP is anchored by the single "My Synthesizer Won't Behave", a tech house banger built around George's witty spoken word vocal directed towards his synthesizer. The narrative uses a call and response between George's vocals and a variety of his synthesizer's bleeps and bloops to create an extremely unique, quirky, and yet completely dance floor driven track.

Label bosses The Fingermonsters step up to the plate with their own remix of "My Synthesizer Won't Behave", taking the energy up a notch with their off the wall blend of tech and electro beats. Their remix cuts the vocal elements back to the chorus and rebuilds around a massive analog synth line.

Andrew Phelan & Origami's version of the track strips things back to their core, reprogramming the original bassline and building the energy back up around a heavy dose of percussion, creating an extremely mixable track with a decidedly old school feel.

For more info on Monsta Music, please visit Monsta's parent label, Prismatic Tracks.

Download the full EP now here.

George Cochrane - My Synthesizer Won't Behave (Original Edit)

George Cochrane - My Synthesizer Won't Behave (Andrew Phelan & Origami Edit)

George Cochrane - My Synthesizer Won't Behave (The Fingermonsters Edit)

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