23 April, 2008

Mowgli is BAD!

Michael Jackson is BAD! this bootleg is BAD! it's all BAD and i'm loving it! This is the latest installment of Mowgli's bootlegs just sent through and it's already receiving great support from a lot of Dj's, in Mowgli's words "a cheesy mad mix of BAD...to rock the female crowd.."

Mowgli vs. MJ - Mowgli is Bad (zShare)

also courtesy of the french band "IN THE CLUB" I give you Mowgli's mix of "Turn You On" which they have decided to give away free on blogs for promotion, happy days! So don't forget to head over to the bands page and say thanks, it's the least you can do!

In The Club - Turn You On (Mowgli Mix) (zShare)

MOWGLI is on fucking fire at the minute, big up the jungle boy!

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Anonymous said...

the zshare link to mowgli's "bad" doesn't work...