23 October, 2008

Quietboy + more tunes..

Quietboy's curently working on a new project with female rapper Cleo (looking forward to hearing the results) but here's a new remix of his in the mean time. It's a club track with fidget and baltimote inspiration.

Cassie - Me And U (The Quietboy Remix) (Mediafire)

Cracking new track from Headshotboyz sent through the other day, sample it on the player then you know you'll wanna download.

Headshotboyz - Detector (Mediafire)

More messiness from Syntonics...

Syntonics - Hook Up My Tonez (Mediafire)

Chucking things out faster than ya mother, it's more from Mansion with their Pjanoo edit.

Eric Prydz - Pjanoo (Mansion Edit) (Mediafire)

Don't know much about this just it was sent over from Boom Box 88 blog.

Mobin Master & Hess - Glitter Bomb (Bootleg) (Mediafire)

New track from torontos Alias sampling work this pussy.

Alias - Work (Mediafire)

Now time for a bit of fun, Cletus Billingsley from Chicago, Illinois with his kind of strange take on yoshi theme tune.

Cletus Billingsley - Destuction Of Yoshi Island (Original Mix) (Mediafire)

Sorry for the rushed post and the complete lack of posts this month but when they keep getting taken down by blogger you start to get a bit pissed off. Back on track very soon I promise and more to come soon. x

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