19 March, 2009

Disturbed Beats 009 - Mixed by Jeff Doubleu

It's that time again when the mix series returns to showcase some more talent and this time it's a young talent from Holland thats been on the up ever since he first got in touch with us. His production skills have been gaining him support all over the board from the likes of Larry Tee, Obi Blanche and most recently HiJack with an EP due for release on his Jack Union label (See tracklist). We present to you.. Jeff Doubleu.

Disturbed Beats 009 - Mixed by Jeff Doubleu (Mediafire) *NEW LINK*
001. Jeff Doubleu & Skitzofrenix - Bongo Brats [CDR]
002. Jeff Doubleu - African Dub Concert [Jengaa]
003. Mastiksoul - Cumbia De Bogota [4Kenzo]
004. H.O.S.H. - The Valve [Dynamic Music]
005. Tee Ski & Shab Ruffcut - Jack Potatoe House [Wearhouse]
006. Marc Brown & Steve Mac - The Fly (Tim Green Remix) [CR2 Records]
007. Dopefish - Big Bad Wolf (Scott Cooper Remix) [Y4K]
008. Jak Z & Scott Cooper - Move Ya (Tom EQ vs HiJack Remix) [CDR]
009. Wongo - Feel Good (Tom EQ Remix) [CDR]
010. Jeff Doubleu - Stretch High [CDR]
011. Acid Kids - Hightower (HiJack Remix) [CDR]
012. HiJack - Keepin It Real (Oliver $ Remix) [Potty Mouth]
013. Mr Pher - Karma Baby (Jeff Doubleu Remix) [Runt Records]
014. Jeff Doubleu - Foxy Jazz [So What? Records]
015. Jeff Doubleu - Phunky Crimes [Jack Union]
016. Will Bailey - The Dutty Clem (The Bulgarian Remix [Simma]
017. Lee Mortimer - No Ordinary Girl (HiJack Remix) [Wearhouse]
018. Tee Ski & Shab Ruffcut - Jack Da Ripper [Wearhouse]
019. Jeff Doubleu - Steal This [Jack Union]
020. Samim - The Lick (Derrick Carter Dub Mix) [Get Physical]

He's also sent over a little bonus mashup he's done which is included in the mix of Jak-Z & Scott Cooper.

Jak Z & Scott Cooper - Move Ya (Tom EQ vs HiJack Remix - Jeff Doubleu Mashup) (Mediafire)


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Dwix said...

DOPE (as usual)

AJ of Blogger said...

Excellent mix. The Move Ya mashup was good as well.

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love this mix!

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Higher bitrates plz.