21 October, 2009

Tom's Vocal Chords

A few treats from 'Potato Head' Tom EQ with his remix of vonStroke's "Vocal Chords", an edit of Switch's classic "Something On My Mind" remix and last but not least his remix of Aout 6.

Claude vonStroke - Vocal Chords (Tom EQ Remix) (Mediafire)

MYNC Project - Something On Your Mind (Switch Remix - Tom EQ Edit) (Mediafire)

Aout 6 - Stylophone (Tom EQ Remix) (Mediafire)

With a new EP in the pipeline for Jack Union which should be out in the next couple of months and more tracks as The Potato Heads expected to follow you should be hearing alot more from Tom very soon.


Soundzilla said...

Hey there. would it be possible to fix up that last tom eq link? instead of the stylophone track it links to jeff doubleu edit of indo r u sleeping. awesome tracks btw. this has to be the best blog of this genre for sure.

Nelly said...

link should be fixed now mate thanks for the heads up and big thanks for the support!