29 December, 2009

Edu K - Ja, Mann! EP

Latest EP from Scattermusic comes from Edu K and is packed full of remixes including Mom & Dad, Dubbel Dutch, Wildlife! and more. The label Scattermusic is a fully fledged, free release blog-label and the full release can be found over at Scatterblog. For a taster check out my favourites from the release below.

01. Ja, Mann!
02. Ja, Mann! (Mom & Dad Remix)
03. Ja, Mann! (Slap & Dash Remix) (right click, save)
04. Jumpin n Pumpin
05. Jumpin n Pumpin (Dubbel Dutch Remix)
06. Jumpin n Pumpin (Lewis CanCut Remix feat. Dizzy Dee)
07. Jumpin n Pumpin (Lewis CanCut Remix feat. Mars E Pan)
08. Jumpin n Pumpin (WILDLIFE! Remix) (right click, save)
09. Jumpin n Pumpin (Femme En Fourrure Remix)

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