06 February, 2010

My Dog Bruno

Baunz and Ceky Brown are two Italians who after years of DJing in clubs and at parties around Italy and across europe decided to come together musically and form My Dog Bruno. Their first release came out back in September last year which was an EP including "Bruno Shit The Car Again" and "Hey Bobby Wanna Come Over" which is also the title of the EP.

They say fresh beats and groovy basslines are the secret of their formula, with a pinch of electro drums and a very funk soul.

They've sent over lots of promo so i've picked out our favourite for you all to check out. If you're digging it then head over to their myspace for some more.

My Dog Bruno - Joker & Thief

My Dog Bruno - Kream

My Dog Bruno - Hey Bobby Wanna Come Over

My Dog Bruno - My Girl from California

My Dog Bruno - Trocadero Tempo

My Dog Bruno - Peanut Buttered Pro Nails

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