12 May, 2010

More takedowns + Mediafire errors

Yet more DMCA takedown emails coming in + a few reports of Mediafire files not working... I'm getting pretty sick of putting the effort in for google to just erase it, i'm now seriously looking into recreating the blog from scratch If anyone knows of a good place for me to start please comment below.

Thanks for your help.


Unknown said...

Themes like this

Justin said...

You just need your own hosting, shoot me an email if you are interested, I have a great guy. Check out my blog, I did what Josh said just got a temp, modd'd the shit out of it and got my own hosting.Checkit: newguyblog.com... I'd be happy to help you guys out as well..

Big fans of your blog and music, please keep up all the hard work...

Hit me up at info [at] newguyblog.com

—Peace & Respekt!


Si Macc said...

I'm pretty sure palms out sounds had the same problem (http://palmsout.net/). As Justin said you just need to host your down site, then you have total control. A ball ache to start but worth it in the end (a lot easier with some help!!).

Keep up the good work!