18 January, 2011

Poligono - Ahi Viene EP

One of our favourite producers from 2010 Poligono gets his first release of the new year and one you should all be straight in for! + Grab his latest mixtape for Dubnoir at the bottom.

Tracks: Matico, Tinamu & Dulce De Leche
Remix by: Edu K (Tinamu)
Label: Dubnoir Music
Release date: January 24th 2011 via Beatport (Exclusive for 4 weeks)

Poligono returns to DubNoir with another handful of groovers ready for the floor. This package contains Tech-House & Deep House goodness and a banger of a remix from Brazil'sEdu K of Dirtybird fame among other great labels. The EP kicks off with Matico, which is a new sound for Poligono, and the A-side track for this EP. Big drums and a driving riff keeps this bumping along nicely for several minutes. Tinamu takes a slightly different journey with a nice melodic melody half way through the track. Dulce De Leche, is the third track which rounds off the EP nicely. The Remix from Edu K, is everything you want in a track, deep, groovin and melodic as the Tinamu riff kicks in :)

1. Mark Henning - S All Good / (Tic Tac Toe)
2. Poligono - Deutzia / (?)
3. Omar - Lay It Down (Andre Lodemann Remix) / (Peppermint Jam)
4. Sascha Dive - Underground Railroad / (Deep Vibes)
5. Franck Roger - Love Call (Dyed Soundorom Keeps Calling Remix) / (Real Tone Records)
6. Hijack & Brabe - Boogie (Poligono Remix) / (Jack Union)
7. LoSoul - Vacuum Stance (Motor City Drum Ensemble) / (Playhouse)
8. Sven Tasnadi - Tell Me Again / (Poker Flat Recordings)
9. Poligono - Matico / (DubNoir Music)
10. Poligono - Lirio / (?)
11. Radioslave - K-Maze (youANDme Secret Vocal Remix) / (CDR)
12. Poligono -Tinamú / (DubNoir Music)

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