21 February, 2011

Always Sideways Mixtape

New 3 hour mixtape from our friend over in Australia Detnum of Pieces of Mayhem, here's a few words from him on the mix. "Always Sideways, is a three hour mixtape mixed for a sydney based club, Sideways Fridays. it features a techy house intro which blends into some more deeper and harder techno and electro, well into the second and third hours the mix goes through more of a melodic and progressive state, morphing into some chillout and munted house. 
this mixtape was created with all aspects of the night, from the kick off to the club and back to the kick ons. its how we do at sideways."

Always Sideways Mixtape mixed by Detnum


Unknown said...

Where can I find a tracklist for this mixtape? It's awesome!

Nelly said...

best off trying detnums facebook, drop him a message: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Detnum/171411739535853?ref=ts