10 March, 2011

Felix Da Housecat Album FREE with Mixmag


Dance music legend Felix da Housecat is giving away his brand new, full artist album ‘Son Of Analogue’ for free on the cover of the April issue of Mixmag. The dance music magazine normally comes with a cover CD mixed by a world class DJ, but this is the first time the free CD has been a full artist album. The album won’t be available anywhere else, only with Mixmag.

As one of the most influential producers in dance music, Felix da Housecat helped spread acid house in the late 80s and 90s and kickstarted electroclash with his seminal 2001 album ‘Kittenz And Thee Glitz’. When asked why he decided to give away his epic new album, the Chicago born star said:

“I could have easily given the album to a record label but I’m tired of that. I wanted to make it visual. Back in the day when you’d buy a record, you’d get to open it up, be a part of it, really enjoy it, feel it. I told my manager that I don’t want this online. I didn’t want my album to be just a link.”

Mixmag has been at the forefront of music journalism for over 20 years and championed Felix’s unique sound right from the start. According to the DJ, “the cover CD is a way of saying thank you for all the support Mixmag and the UK gave me when I was fighting to be heard. It’s going back to my roots, going to touch your earhole and penetrate your third eye. It’s crazy.”

Felix da Housecat’s new album ‘Son Of Analogue’ will be on the cover of the April issue of Mixmag, out March 17.

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