21 June, 2011

Boy 8-Bit - Madrigal EP (FREE)

Now I know a lot of you will have already picked these up but WTF! Boy 8-Bit has only gone and given away his new, yet to be released EP for FREE (Out June 27th on This is Music) on his blog and soundcloud in 320! Make sure if you haven't already that you go pick them all up, its not every day you get shit like this for free now is it!

Either click through to his blog with the link at the bottom or his soundcloud through each track below.

Boy 8-Bit - Madrigal EP
1. Madrigal (Soundcloud)
2. Fire Extinguisher (Soundcloud)
3. Black Satanic Mysticism (Soundcloud)
4. Phase IV (Soundcloud)

Boy 8-Bit blog link

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