11 July, 2011

Sound Of Stereo Remix Contest!

One for all you budding producers who check the blog, thought you might be interested in this remix contest. Deadline is 11th August, all information below:

As you all know, Sound Of Stereo recently unleashed their latest banger 'Mineral' upon us, including the amazing track 'Diamond'. Now Lektroluv Records and Sound Of Stereo are calling out to all the producers amongst their fans and followers. Do YOU want to remix Sound Of Stereo's Diamond? Than this is your chance!

Of course you'll do this for the love of music and maybe 5 minutes of fame, but still we set up this nice prize package!
The winner of the Sound Of Stereo remix contest will see his remix included on a Sound Of Stereo remix EP to appear after summer on Lektroluv Records. How cool is that?!
Number 2 and 3 will receive a nice Lektroluv Records goodie bag.

The rules!
You need to upload your remix on your own Soundcloud account and send the link to remix@soundofstereo.net. Any other ways of submission will be brutally ignored, so if you don't have a Soundcloud account yet, you can create one here, it's free!

Now you'd better get started today, as your remix will need to reach the boys before the 11th of August. All remixes coming in afterwards will also get brutally ignored, sorry!
The genre doesn't matter, really, surprise us!

Oh, one more thing, you can download the separate parts of 'Diamond' here. They might come in handy ;-)

Good luck!!!

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