26 November, 2011

Eats Everything - Essential Mix (26/11/11)

Last night DB favourite Eats Everything got his shot at the legendary Essential Mix recorded live @ In:Motion in his home city Bristol... he did not disappoint! His set was nothing short of epic including his own reworks of classics Sono 'Keep Control' and Switch' 'This Is Sick'. Get it on the download now!

While on the subject of Eats Everything you have till the end of Sunday to get your mixes in for your DB mix competition to win yourself the chance to follow in the footsteps of the big man himself and record an exclusive mix for our mix series, click here for more details.

"Eats Everything makes his Essential Mix debut, recorded live at In:Motion in his home city of Bristol.

Eats Everything, real name Dan Pearce, has emerged as one of the breakthrough producers of 2011, releasing music on labels like Dirtybird and Pets Recordings. This set was recorded at In:Motion, a season of club nights and events taking place in a warehouse-cum-skate park in Bristol city centre

mp3: Eats Everything - Essential Mix (26/11/11) (Mediafire)

01. Murk - Amame (Eats Everything QI Rebeef)
02. Catz 'N Dogz - Jon Bovi
03. Waifs & Strays - Yeah Yeah (Eats Everything Rebeef)
04. Shadow Child - String Thing
05. Eats Everything & Worthy vs. Justin Martin & Ardalan - The Lost vs. Lezgo (Acapella)
06. Viadrina - Luna (Coat Of Arms Rework)
07. Clapz II Dogz - Ripgroove (Eats Everything Like The Original Rebeef)
08. Freestyle - The Party Has Begun
09. Freestylers - Don't Stop
10. Green Velvet feat. Russoul - Millie Vanillie
11. Sono - Keep Control (Eats Everything Rework)
12. Subjekt - Dunky Frummer (Eats Everything Rebeef)
13. Riva Starr & Major Lazer - Jump (The Martin Brothers Remix)
14. Eats Everything & Worthy vs. Switch feat. Andrea Martin - I Still Love Tric Trac
15. Coat Of Arms - Is This Something (Eats Everything Crunky Rebeef)
16. Eats Everything - The Size
17. Krysko - Can't Handle It
18. Mosca - Bax
19. Butch - Amelie (Format B Remix)
20. Eats Everything - Entrance Song (Special Edit)
21. Crazy P - Beatbox (Breach Remix)
22. Coat Of Arms - What You Need
23. French Fries - Yo Vogue
24. Adam F - Circles (Eats Everything Rework)
25. Switch - This Is Sick (Eats Everything Rework)
26. Huxley - Let It Go (Eats Everything Reprise)
27. Goldie - Kemistry (Justin Martin Remix)


Anonymous said...

Great mix, thanks for the post! Anyone know the track between French Fries - Yo Vogue and Adam F - Circles (Eats Everything Rework though? Not in the tracklisting.

Joe said...

It's the Si Begg remix of Si Futures 'Freestyle Disco', a tune from 2001.

theirlaw said...

who does he mention at the start in his intro blurb? It sounds like 'wasted strafe' or something like that

theirlaw said...

who does EatsEverything mention in his intro blurb at the start? He says 'Joker' and what sounds like 'wasted strafe'.