15 December, 2011

Disturbed Beats 023 - Mixed by Clouse

Say hello to the Disturbed Beats mix competition winner Clouse, real name Klaus Reeder, a 19 year old from Nuremberg, Germany. You can check out his winning 15 minute mix here.

In his own words: "DJing is my passion and making mixtapes is an art to me.
I like original and interesting house music. That's why I consume enormous amounts of music to find the rawest and most original tracks out there. My love for house music is also my motivation to do these tracks justice by forming them into a mix that stands out from the rest.
Admittedly, I don't always stick to my principles, which is frustrating sometimes. But I think every DJ needs a little mainstream appeal to survive.

I use controllers to DJ. Namely, an Oxygen 8 Keyboard and a Midi Fighter. All the mappings were developed by myself over the period of 2 years. I am a proud controllerist and I would stand up for it any time.

At first controllers were more of a price conscious decision than anything else, but over time it became the natural way to DJ for me. Now my controllers have become my trademark and I'm known as "the guy with the keyboard and the buttons"."

mp3: Disturbed Beats 023 - Mixed by Clouse
(right-click to download and save to your computer)

01. Intro - 00 Schneider jagt Nihil Baxter "Barszene"
02. Audiojack - Jack The Keys // 2020 Vision
03. Subb-an - This Place // Saved
04. &ME - Glaced // Keinemusik
05. Tripmastaz - Earrection // Homecoming
06. Nat Self - Mr. Monkey // Jackmode
07. Riva Starr - Flexi Lady // Snatch!
08. Joakim - Find A Way - Das Glow Remix // Tigersushi
09. Mitch De Klein - Slagwerk // Samsobeats
10. Evil Nine - Stay Up // For Lovers
11. Funkin Matt - Love // Fjordin
12. Moby - After - Paul Woolford Afterhours Remix // Embassy of Music
13. Kenton Slash Demon - Khattabi // Tartelet
14. SCNTST - Globus // BNR
15. Oliver Huntemann - Delirium // Ideal Audio
16. Gesaffelstein - Control Movement // Bromance
17. doctR - Up // Basserk
18. Instra:mental - Pyramid // 3024
19. Bonsai Kat - Egotripping // Grand Hotel
20. Shinichi Osawa - Addicted To The Bassline
21. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Dream On

You can also find the mix up on Mixcloud, Mediafire and iTunes as a podcast, search "Disturbed Beats Mix Series".

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