02 March, 2008

Ghost Frequency - Never Before...

"Never Before Have I Seen A Man Alive That Looked So Exactly Like A Skeleton" that mouth full and a half is the title of The Ghost Frequency's second release, available now from iTunes along with the not so tongue tying "We Built These Walls And Watched You Howl As You Knocked Them Down". Never mind me repeating them two in my head, how the f*ck do they sing them!! Well anyway if you're not familiar with the band themselves you maybe remember Speaker Junk's remix of their first single "Nightmare", excellent if I may say so myself!

This time they have recruited the talents of Destroy Disco, Cutting Pink with Knives and the Zombie Disco Squad, and for me it's all about the disco! So here's my 2 favourites, Destroy Disco's is a more driving, energy filled remix while ZDS go for the more fidgity sound we all love... don't we?

The Ghost Frequency - Never Before (Destroy Disco Remix) (zShare)

The Ghost Frequency - Never Before (Zombie Disco Squad Remix) (zShare)

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