29 February, 2008

Jaksaw "Noise EP"

Jaksaw (AKA Jack Stuart) hails from Bournemouth and has been involved in the thriving underground dance scene for many years both as a dj and as a producer. Starting off at underground parties Jack was exposed to the freshest, rawest sounds of the scene and his production technique flourished in this inspirational environment and it wasn’t long before he began gaining the attention of djs and producers up and down the country. His style that has taken inspiration from the likes of Speakerjunk, Lee Mortimer, Hi-jack, Jesse Rose, Chuck Love, Jacob London and many more to create a sound which is not only unique but also maintains a strong connection to the very roots of house music.

His latest offering is his "Noise EP" on Nitrous Records with the first track "New Jack Heights" available now exclusively from DjDownloads and "Noise" following shortly exclusively on Beatport.

Jaksaw - New Jack Heights (Original Mix) (zShare)

Jaksaw - Noice (Original Mix) (zShare)

Jaksaw also has another release about to drop on Union Recordings, "Fireball EP" which will include the much sort after tracks Fireball, Damn and Punk Mofo plus a Hijack remix of Fireball. Keep your ears open!


Anonymous said...

fuck yeah, nwa samples!! haha

Anonymous said...

fukin spot on, gettin played this weekend, impressed like ;)