04 February, 2008

TiTAN "Star-T EP"

Titan is an Italian Producer/Dj who got in touch with me through myspace not long ago and wanted me to check out his work, and i'm glad he did! His sound has a very french feel to it that works very well. He produces using 99% hardware, a mix of new and old equipment like a Roland TR909, Akaii MPC1000, Juno 106 and other vintage bits and bobs.

He currently has a mini EP available on Montana Records Digital entitled "Star-T EP" which includes the track "Star-T" along with a remix by French Producer/Dj, Thony Ritz. check out the remix below then head over to Beatport for the full EP in better quality.

He also threw in a couple more bits of work for you all to check out which includes his recently finished remix of fellow Italian NT89 which is marked for release shortly on Philtre Records.


Anonymous said...

TiTAN is a really really good dj!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

amazing dj set in milan two week ago...fuck off modern electro house, THIS SHIT IS 4 REAL !!!

Sandro from Milan