27 February, 2008

Sawtooth Sucka EP

This fella is on top form lately, not just with his Sawtooth Sucka guise but also under his real name Lee Mortimer (check out his latest remix here) and is showing no signs of stopping any time soon. His productions have been in my box for a long time now but it's his latest stuff that is really catching my ear!

Sawtooth Sucka 'Don't You Forget About Lee EP'
[Wearhouse Music WEAR005]

1. Depressed Mode : Sample mp3
2. This Is Hot : Sample mp3
3. Backing Town : Sample mp3
4. Backing Town (Scott Cooper's Back In The Rave Remix) : Sample mp3

Available now at Juno Download and Stompy later this week.

"The 5th EP from Lee Mortimer's Wearhouse Music label is here. Rising star, Lee himself provides the tracks under his Sawtooth Sucka guise.

With support from Switch, Jesse Rose, Hijack, Crookers and many more this label is going from strength to strength with the last release getting to the top spot in the Junodownload sales charts.

'Depressed Mode' kick things off with a full on fidget fest of squelchy beats and a sample in the break to absolutely die for! Drop it and wait for the crowds to scream for more.

'This Is Hot' is next up, again with jackin' beats, catchy samples and a filth bassline.

'Backing Town' started life as a tribute song to Jesse Rose! Just check out the sample and you'll know what we mean. Adored by Jesse himself for it's quirkness and above all else the nutty sample.

Wearhouse Music new-boy Scott Cooper provides the remix of 'Backing Town' and what a corker it is. Putting a dirtier spin on proceedings with Rave-tastic synths."

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