19 June, 2008


The main man himself Riva Starr has sent over the DJ tool of "Maria" in 320 may I add for you all to download. Maria is one of the 3 tunes from the "War Drums EP" out this Saturday on Kindisch (Get Physical's sister label) BIG support on this from all the dj's across the world.

Keep an eye/ear out for more of Riva's tracks as he has some very tastey looking tracks coming up over the next few months.

Any idea's on vocals to drop over this one?

WATCH OUT for his DISCOBELLE MIX IT UP "BACK TO JACK" mixset to be released in JULY with some of the best jacking house tune of all the time + some special RS reedit!!!

Also while I'm here, anyone been watching the Euro's? my money's on Italy ;)


Anonymous said...


Hollandd has my vote:P

italy got there ass kicked by holland

3 - 0 :P

Nelly said...

you may laugh now my friend but just you wait :) holland have been the best so far but they will slip up soon

Anonymous said...

haha italy my a**