08 January, 2009

New Releases (08/01/09)

Now christmas and new years is out the way it's time to get back to some serious releases...

Fresh from their appearence on the infamous Disturbed Beats mix series :) Trevor & Shab have an EP out on February 2nd titled "Love & Change" which includes remixes from Defuct, Raffertie and Aniki to complete the release. Many many more releases coming from these two so keep an eye out!

Trevor Loveys & Shab Ruffcut - Love & Change (Clip)

Available from Beatport 02/02/09.

Jaimie Fanatic - Internal EP Preview (zShare)

1. Programmed
2. Programmed (Lars Moston Remix)
3. Programmed (The Bulgarian Remix)
4. Body & Soul ft. MC V.I.
5. Body & Soul ft. MC V.I. (Kelevra Remix)


Unlucky for some but for Wearhouse Music unleashes a storming EP for their thirteenth release from the one of nicest people in dance music…Jaimie Fanatic!

Known as the bad boy of Dutch house music, and stated by many as one of the most important new talents of today. His DJ sets are energetic with a lot of interaction with the crowd, his sound is a crossover of house and just anything that bangs with a touch of hip hop, his smile is everlasting and his dedication deadly…Jaimie Fanatic is an artist of tomorrow and he is here today.

The Internal EP is a 5 track monster lifting the lid on things Hip House and Electronic Funk Hop! In typical Wearhouse fashion there is something on here for all and re rubs come in strong from the excellent Lars Morston, The Bulgarian and Kelevra. With Wearhouse getting stronger and stronger as each release surfaces and Jaimie being a leader in all things Big Bad and Heavy…you know this release is going to be at the front of many CD wallets worldwide!

Available at: djdownload beatport trackitdown

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