05 February, 2009

Hot Jack Unreleased...

Now I was speaking with Nic Sarno early about his Hot Jack release and I asked him about a version of it he sent me last year that never ended up on the release, he told me that the track completely changed and I was the only 1 with a copy... so I asked if it could be put on the blog because it's to good to waste and he agreed :) good Nic!

Anyway he's told me to let you know its unmastered and ruff, but I think it's top so check it out below.

Oh and you can grab the full release here.

Nic Sarno - Hot Jack (Unreleased Version) (Mediafire)


Anonymous said...

Thank u! Love this website!

Anonymous said...

I effin' love this choon!!!!!
whoopwhoop shoulder dance