19 February, 2009

Stupid Stock Clearance

As part of the massive stock clearance sale at Fresh HQ, they've decided to give us some musical freebies. Early tracks and unreleased remixes will all be coming your way in the near future so stay zoned in or you'll be, out.

That means it costs you the same as their good looks have cost them (100% natural baby), and as if that sauce isn't awesome enough they're kicking it off with their Controversy remix, right now!

Prince - Controversy (Stupid Fresh Remix) (Mediafire)

+ 30 minutes of Fresh (Dirty) (zShare)


Anonymous said...

the mediafire link dosn't work mate

Nelly said...

i've just tryed it and it works fine for me. is it working for anyone else?

bountybea said...

all good for me bud

Anonymous said...

DAMN! "Invalid File." !!!

Nelly said...

have another go, it's just worked for me again?